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Discover the feedback from our internal event, the Wisper Pitch Contest

Pitch Contest

On December 12, 2023, the Marketing team of Wisper organized the Pitch Contest, an intra-company event held at the Wisper premises in Rouen, bringing together all the company’s teams. 

This event offered each talent the opportunity to showcase their creativity, team spirit and especially their presentation skills.

But what is a Pitch Contest, also known as theElevator Pitch ?

A Pitch Contest is an event, whether internal or external, designed to foster team cohesion and motivation through speaking out.

What are the rules of an Elevator Pitch?

As part of an Elevator Pitch, the candidate is placed in a fictitious situation where he must present himself, his company, his job, and his product in less than a minute, while imagining being in an elevator.

What is expected of a Pitch Contest? How to succeed in an Elevator Pitch?

The goal is that, at the end of the candidate’s speech, the viewer is encouraged to take action, either by setting an appointment, requesting a demonstration or exchanging coordinates. In our context, the candidate is evaluated by a jury randomly selected by an artificial intelligence, according to three criteria: the respect of the time allotted (maximum 45 seconds), the quality of the presentation, and the relevance and conviction of the speech in relation to the subject.

During the first round, the top six candidates were then selected to participate in the second round. This second stage takes place as a team, with two groups of three people, having three minutes for their presentation and the use of visual materials. Candidates are again evaluated by randomly selected jurors.

This article will explore in detail the ins and outs of Wisper’s Pitch Contest, highlighting the lessons learned from this exciting event.

First question of the Pitch Contest: How is the solution proposed by Wisper simple and easy to set up?

Lack of complex infrastructure 

Speakers repeatedly point out that with Wisper 360, there is no need to deploy server infrastructure. This simplifies implementation and reduces associated costs.

The first point highlighted by the various members of Wisper is the simplicity and ease of use of the solution. This is expressed through several pillars such as absence of infrastructure, ease of use; reduction of management complexity, ease of implementation of telework and finally speed of deployment.

Examples of quotes related to lack of infrastructure include: 

“With our solution, you don’t need server infrastructure, and you don’t have all the constraints related to managing it. It’s like VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) but without the weight of the infrastructure” according to Abdelkader 

“Our product optimizes the use of infrastructure. With Wisper, you invest in a solution that not only anticipates future needs, but also contributes to simpler, more efficient and sustainable use. “For Matthew


Ease of use 

“It is a remarkably simple tool, extremely suitable for teleworking or local positions, with multi-site versatility. Currently, it is an increasingly integrated element, offering IT teams a simple solution to streamline their day-to-day management, and IT teams significant added value in their current operations.” , according to Arnaud.

Reduction of Management Complexity 

“Let me introduce Wisper 360. We have been developing this solution for about 15 years as a French publisher. Our goal is to simplify the management of your entire computer park. With a control console, you can effectively manage all the sites where your computers are deployed, reducing operational complexity.” , according to Thomas.

Speed of deployment

Amin came up with a story to express the speed of our solution deployment: “Let me share the story of Julie, IS Manager in a Customer Relationship Leader. One morning, she receives an urgent call from her director of operations with a seemingly impossible request: launch a new activity the next afternoon on a brand new site. Faced with this colossal challenge, Julie does not give in to panic. Why? Because she knows the ideal solution for this kind of situation: Wisper 360. This is the answer, because in just a few minutes, Julie can remotely deploy a customized and secure agent environment.”


Why is Wisper’s solution economical?


The Wisper 360 solution from Wisper stands out for its significant economic benefits. In our context, there is no server infrastructure required, which eliminates the need for costly hardware investments and allows substantial savings in setup and maintenance costs. In addition, it is possible to use refurbished substations, which further reduces costs while maintaining high performance. By integrating the context of containerized applications, Wisper 360 offers a cost-effective alternative to VDI and DaaS solutions, enabling efficient management of IT fleets. This solution is particularly adapted to the needs of call centers and large companies, offering optimal flexibility and profitability.

“When it comes to savings, Wisper offers significant time and efficiency savings. Thanks to Wisper 360, the deployment of new sites is becoming a success, even under very tight deadlines.” Amin.

For Matthieu: “What makes our solution even more relevant is its ability to reduce your workstation costs. In a world where the search for savings is paramount, our product optimizes the use of infrastructure thus reducing costs due to electricity, hardware and more.” 

Finally for Valeri “Substantial savings through the elimination of dedicated infrastructure, efficient centralization of resources and reduction of intervention costs.”

In summary, all Wisper teams agree on the economic nature of the solution, stressing that it optimizes infrastructure costs while ensuring efficient and centralized management of workstations.


Last question of the Pitch Contest: How does Wisper’s solution guarantee security?


The solution of Wisper offers a robust approach to ensuring data confidentiality, integrity and availability, with a tight separation between the OS and work environments.

Testimonials during the Pitch Contest repeatedly highlight the importance of the security of computer parks.  By integrating features such as Read Only mode, Wisper ensures rapid remediation of infrastructure and work environments, providing an optimal recovery solution from a virus attack. Combined with secure deployment procedures, these features ensure the security of workstations, whether on site or remotely.

For Laurent “We offer an innovative flexible virtualization solution that allows (…) a fast and secure deployment of work environments for employees working both in the office and on the move.”

For Jean-Marc: “We have a centralized interface that allows us to manage all the computer workstations. In addition, our solution offers a remarkable ability to avoid the risks associated with ransomware, an omnipresent and highly publicized threat. Thanks to our solution, resumption of work is almost instantaneous after a viral attack. This capability is all the more exceptional today as attacks on hospitals, for example, have become commonplace, resulting in extended periods of manual recovery.”

During the Pitch Contest, our experts highlighted the economic benefits, the simplification of management, and the optimization of infrastructure costs. By adopting Virtual Desktop Zero Infrastructure, Wisper’s solution reduces energy and hardware costs.

The testimonials highlight Wisper 360’s ability to meet the varied needs of customers, especially in complex environments such as call centers. The solution enables a rapid transition between different contexts, ensuring efficient management of IT parks, even under demanding conditions.

In terms of security, Wisper offers an exceptional approach by minimizing the risks associated with virus attacks. The centralized console allows simplified administration of all computer workstations, while ensuring a quick recovery from an attack. In short, Wisper offers an innovative approach to virtualization, combining simplicity, enhanced security and substantial savings.

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