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ceBox becomes Wisper 360, we explain everything!

cebox devient wisper 360

The ceBox solution is now called Wisper 360, and represents today a major breakthrough in the field of PC virtualization and containerized applications. This solution makes it possible to run virtual machines and applications without any server infrastructure, and it is compatible with all computers, whether laptops or desktops. In addition to integrating a secure VPN alternative, it easily integrates into various technical environments.

With advanced features, it guarantees simplicity, security and savings. In this article, we will explore the reasons for the evolution of ceBox to Wisper 360 and its implications.

Why is ceBox evolving and becoming Wisper 360? 


The transition from the name «ceBox» to «Wisper 360» reflects a significant evolution in our approach and our product offer.


Initially, “ceBox” was an abbreviation of “ Cloud Embedded Box“, underscoring the need to install our solution on specific hardware, otherwise it would not work. However, with the advancement of technology and the evolution of our services, we have expanded our reach. Now, Wisper 360 is available for most laptops or desktops, subject to certain prerequisites. It represents a centralized desktop management solution based on virtualization.

So why did we choose the name Wisper 360? 

Today, Wisper is evolving in the context of its organization and product. That is why we are proposing a name change for Wisper 360. This is part of a strategy to better reflect our current identity and goals. Enterprise and product are transforming to offer optimized desktop management through the provision of virtual environments and containerized applications. 

the transition to Wisper 360 also marks a significant change in our business model. While the term ceBox included both software and hardware, our new name embodies our focus on a 100% software model. In 2024, our main focus will be on our core business: publishing our product focused on providing virtual environments and applications.

To simplify, we focus on virtual environments and containerized applications with our product, Wisper 360. 

This complete solution offers centralized desktop management, covering all aspects of virtualization to meet the challenges of enterprise IT management.


What are the characteristics of Wisper 360?


In the ever-changing information technology landscape, organizations are looking for flexible and efficient solutions to meet their growing IT management needs. Wisper 360 stands out by offering a range of features specifically designed to meet these diverse requirements. Here is an overview of the key features of this innovative solution:


Wisper Console : The Wisper Console provides centralized management of corporate computers via a secure HTTPS interface. With the ability to enable dual authentication, it provides more security while allowing complete monitoring of the computer park, including media, user, device, virtual environment and application management.


Wisper Connect : Offering a VPN alternative, Wisper Connect makes it easy for remote users to connect. By integrating SD-WAN components, this feature ensures optimal connectivity, ensuring a smooth and reliable user experience.


Wisper Virtual Machine : Integrating a virtualization solution, Wisper Virtual Machine allows the local execution of virtual machines, eliminating the constraints of the most well-known VDI solutions.


Wisper Remote Control : This feature allows remote desktop support, as well as remote control for efficient system management. It offers administrators the opportunity to quickly resolve problems and ensure the proper functioning of computer equipment.


Wisper Statistics : By providing control and monitoring of environment activity, Wisper Statistics enables organizations to closely monitor performance and usage of IT resources. With the ability to track and export user data, this feature enables deep analysis to optimize IT processes. 


By combining these different features, Wisper 360 provides a comprehensive and integrated solution to meet the diverse IT management needs of organizations. Whether you need to keep an eye on your computer fleet, facilitate the remote connection of your users, make your virtual machines more efficient or closely monitor the performance of your system, Wisper 360 is the solution you are looking for. 

Our solution is perfect for companies that value the efficiency and security of their computer park.


What makes us stand out on the market?


Faced with the limitations often encountered with traditional VDI solutions, such as high infrastructure costs, Wisper 360 is positioned as a solution of choice. Indeed, with Wisper 360, companies will be able to efficiently deploy a virtual environment and containerized applications in a secure way.


Our solution is distinguished by several unique features. First, it natively integrates a VPN into the operating system, ensuring increased data protection. In addition, our cloud-based management console significantly simplifies administration, providing an optimal user experience.


The transition from ceBox to Wisper 360 marks an important step in our evolution and commitment to our customers. This transition symbolizes our commitment to providing a leading solution in the field of desktop virtualization and containerized applications.


Wisper 360 stands out for its accessibility, seamless integration into various technical environments, and advanced features such as the Wisper Console, Wisper Connect, Wisper Virtual Machine, Wisper Remote Control, and Wisper Statistics.

We chose the name Wisper 360 to illustrate our commitment to a comprehensive and multifunctional approach to virtualization, providing a global and effective response to the IT management challenges facing modern businesses.

Ultimately, our goal is to provide our customers with a solution that not only meets their existing virtualization needs, but also exceeds them by delivering optimal performance, enhanced security and an exceptional user experience. With Wisper 360, we are committed to staying at the forefront of innovation and supporting our customers in their future success.

Curious to know more? Contact our Wisper experts now! 

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