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Customer relation

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The ceBox solution allows you to bring great flexibility to your call centres by programming different Masters according to the operations of the day, week or month, on the same extension. With a few clicks or in an automated way, you assign the Master dedicated to an operation to a user at a defined time or date. In the event of an increase in load, you can extend an operation to one or more other sites, in one click. In just a few minutes, the environment dedicated to the operation is in production on the defined workstations, offering unparalleled responsiveness and flexibility to your call centres.

Simplified maintenance and homogenisation of the fleet

The IT department can manage all workstations from a centralized multi-site console, eliminating the need to travel. The deployment of remote updates is carried out in record time. You benefit from a perfect homogenisation of the computer park: the OS and the applications delivered on the stations are protected and unalterable. With ceBox you can benefit from savings of up to 67% on time spent and 55% on dedicated costs.

Performances and high availibility

From a central console, you manage the deployment and updates of the workstations distributed across your call centres. The workstations are always functional, with unequalled performance and constant over time. Your advisors have reliable PCs that allow them to access business tools. There is little application latency because the applications are run locally, unlike other VDI solutions.

Security -

ceBox allows you to block the USB ports and thus secure your customers' data. In the event of a malicious installation, a simple reboot is all that is required to restore a healthy workstation. In the event of a cyber-attack, you can guarantee that production will resume within minutes. Business can resume and you meet your commitments to your customers (QoS, processing time).

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