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ceBox Workspace
With a 36-month commitment
*Price may vary depending on quantities and duration.
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Our ceBox offers, your workstation management tool

Discover here the offer that best suits your needs in terms of machine virtualisation. Thanks to ceBox, you can make substantial savings on the management of your company's IT assets.

What is the price of our ceBox desktop management solution?

The ceBox desktop virtualisation solution scales its pricing according to the number of virtual machines required. This way, you have an offer that fits your needs perfectly. The price of ceBox varies per virtual machine depending on the offer you choose. In any case, the ceBox solution will allow your IT department to reduce costs in the administration and operation of your IT assets. On average, organisations using our solution achieve savings of up to 40%.

What is the content of the ceBox desktop management solution?

All our desktop virtualisation tool offers include basic features such as: centralised management, no physical server (cloud computing), support for your IT department, media storage in the cloud and no personal data is transmitted via thisBox. The ceBox Workspace offer, on the other hand, includes additional features for your information system. The ceBox Workspace solution includes: multi-user management, a web interface, support for telecommuting workstations, and many additional security measures. In particular, the ceBox Workspace offer allows the support of the Linux operating system.

What is the difference between ceBox Evolution and ceBox Workspace in desktop management?

ceBox Evolution and ceBox Workspace do not have the same uses. Depending on your IT infrastructure, one or the other of our offers could be more useful for your company. The ceBox Evolution offer will allow you to manage a relatively simple computer park, without teleworking, with only the Windows operating system. The Workspace offer will be more complete and will also allow you to run the Linux OS.
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