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Discover the Q&A of, the new desktop virtualisation solution by Wisper! The answers to your questions are certainly there, but if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact page.

ceBox Q&A

ceBox® can be installed on your current equipment, subject to validation by our R&D team. The ceBox Evolution offer is a software offer (hardware on option) allowing us to guarantee the expected level of performance: native USB redirection, multimedia, bi-directional sound.

The workstation works like a classic PC. It integrates your domain and your GPOs for network printers. The native USB redirection also allows you to transparently manage your printers locally.

ceBox does not require any display offset between the main site and the remote site. The VM runs locally on the remote site, for maximum performance regardless of the network link. Ideal for users of web applications as they have been developed to run the browser locally and not as a remote display.

With the ceBox solution, you take control of updating your workstations. You decide to make the updates. In case of problem, you have the possibility to go back to a previous master version. Updates are no longer a source of stress and unexpected malfunctions!

We recommend using antivirus software in "light agent" mode for desktop virtualisation. This mode allows the antivirus signatures to be managed on a centralised server.

No, as its name indicates, the Cache Optimizer is there to optimise the exchange of disk blocks between the Wisper cloud and your sites. Nevertheless, to facilitate deployments, we strongly recommend its use.

You can use this infrastructure to manage the cache optimizer for example. You can easily migrate your VMWare or other machines (workstations) to ceBox® at your own pace.

The Optimizer is not a failure point, as its name indicates, it is used to optimize. If it is no longer available, the disk blocks not present on the cache of the ceBox can be recovered directly in the Wisper Cloud.

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