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Why are partnerships with schools beneficial to recruitment?

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Recruiting the right talent for a company can be a daunting task. Companies are now looking to partner with schools to find potential candidates and help them develop the skills needed to succeed in their industry.

In this article, we discussed the goal, the actions put in place to make this partnership a success, and the choice of schools with Nathalie CARNEIRO, Human Resources Director at Wisper.

What is the purpose of these partnerships?

These are important levers for a company. This makes it possible to create a new dynamic, to facilitate the recruitment of talent and to develop joint projects.

During the various exchanges with the teaching teams and the students, we immerse ourselves in their vision, their critical eye, their ideas, the new tools they use, etc.

This is a great way to create synergies.

The students will, for their part, benefit from the knowledge and skills of our experts but also become familiar with professional codes, confront themselves with concrete problems and these exchanges will give them, we hope, the desire to join us either in the framework of an apprenticeship or at the end of their school course.

What actions are in place?

As a priority, we exchanged with the educational managers in order to define projects and actions that can be implemented and above all to ensure the common interest of all: School, Student and company.

For the year 2023, we have made the choice with the schools to offer:

  • Interventions on technical projects such as: How XiVO and ceBox integrated containerization, Wisper's Products & Businesses, How XiVO integrated containerization to transform its infrastructure, etc.….
  • Interventions on our tools and/or our professions
  • Job Meetings
  • Company visits (in our premises in Dardilly)
  • Participation in Alumni days, graduation ceremonies or examination boards


We hope to go further in 2024 with, in addition, participation in larger technical projects, technical interventions during lessons and even more examination boards.


Why did you choose these schools?


These schools were chosen for the quality of their school program in line with our expectations. We also appreciate their involvement and understanding of our needs. The interventions are the subject of collaborative work in which the schools are a real support.


We thank theINSA, l’IUT d’Elbeuf, IPI, Sciences U, HYBRIA, EKLYA and Euridis Paris to place their trust in us, as well as all our collaborators involved in this project, without whom this wouldn't be possible.


The partnership between companies and schools is therefore an important step in ensuring the success of both parties. Recruiters seek out the best talent, while schools seek to provide their students with the best opportunities. By working together, recruiters and schools can create a mutually beneficial relationship that will help them achieve their respective goals. It is in this direction that the Wisper teams are moving forward, to contribute to the practical training of young students and the transfer of technical skills on the one hand, and on the other, to identify the best talents and integrate them into the #TeamWisper.


If you too would like the opportunity to work in an environment that promotes development and growth at all levels, send your application to  recrutement@wisper.io  or check our offers on the button below.

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