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Customer testimonial from the IT Manager of Sainte-Croix-Saint-Euverte school complexes


To quickly and consistently modernize its IT fleet while offering a flexible and agile experience to students, Sainte Croix-Saint Euverte opted for our all-in-one solution, Wisper 360 (ex. ceBox), as part of its search for a VDI solution.

Wisper360 (ceBox) a parfaitement répondu aux exigences de simplicité, de fiabilité et d’automatisation des arrêts et des redémarrages des postes. Grâce à sa flexibilité d’utilisation et à sa maintenance aisée et rapide, Wisper 360 (ceBox) a permis d’économiser considérablement du temps sans nécessiter d’interventions sur chaque machine. Un an après sa mise en place, notre client est pleinement satisfait, sa mission est accomplie !

Discover the feedback of Vincent Douchet, IT Manager of Sainte Croix-Saint Euverte.


Today, over an hour spent setting up a new Master, we can deploy on the 250 machines we own, which represents a real time saving. 

How did you learn about Wisper?

I am IT Manager of the Sainte-Croix-Saint-Euverte school complexes in Orléans, including 5 schools and about 3,500 students, as well as a park of about 2,000 peripherals, I have the chance to lead a team of three technicians. 

I became interested in VDI solutions and, through my research on the internet, I discovered your product. 

What is the need of Sainte-Croix-Saint-Euverte?

Our goal was to update our computer rooms and workstations quickly and consistently. Today, we have workstations that allow autonomous and simple use of USB sticks, as well as tools for writing and deleting files, which was previously restricted for security reasons. Thanks to your solution, we now have a more flexible and agile environment for our students.

Why did you choose Wisper 360 (ceBox) by Wisper?

What convinced me with your product is its ease of use, both for me as an IT manager and for our technicians in terms of handling, as well as its robustness and reliability. We have not encountered any problems so far. 

The ability to automatically manage the shutdown and start-up of stations was also a crucial point, given our energy consumption issues. We were able to implement this feature and see a clear reduction in energy consumption compared to conventional PCs.

What are the benefits of using Wisper 360 (ceBox) ?

The benefits of this solution are many. Users have greater flexibility on workstations, allowing them to perform more tasks independently.

 For the technical team, the process has become much simpler. Previously, it took several hours or even half a day to update all the positions in a room. Now, in one hour, we can deploy the new Master on all 250 machines, which represents a significant time saving.

What are the feedbacks on Wisper?

We have received very positive feedback from the technicians and benefit from excellent follow-up from your technical and sales team. In the medium term, we plan to migrate all our rooms to the new version of your solution. 

After about a year of experience with the Wisper 360 (ceBox) solution, we are extremely satisfied. This corresponds perfectly to our expectations and offers us a reassuring follow-up for a product essential to our IT infrastructure.

Curious to know more? Contact our Wisper 360 (ceBox) experts now! 

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