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Citrix vs ceBox: discover the complete comparison of the two solutions


The workstations virtualization is a growing trend in digital workspace. Server virtualization has been a common practice in recent years, and so has desktop virtualization. It allows CIOs to better manage their resources using virtual machines on central servers rather than local computers. 

This can be simplified by using a solution called Endpoint Management System, which offers centralized management, work environment updates and workstation security.

In this article, we will compare two providers that offer desktop virtualization services: Citrix with Citrix DaaS versus Wisper with ceBox Workspace.

Which solution to choose between Citrix and ceBox? Which is the best workstation virtualization solution between Citrix and ceBox? What are the differences between ceBox and Citrix?

We will allow you to answer all these questions with a detailed comparative.


ceBox Worskpace vs. Citrix en un mot


Citrix DaaS (formerly Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops) provides virtualization solutions that give the IT department control over virtual machines, applications and security elements. End users can use virtual applications and workstations from any device.

ceBox Workspacecan be considered as a pure player between virtualization and the Desktop as a Service. This is an IT fleet management and maintenance solution which allows rapid deployment of multiple virtual environments without the need for server infrastructure.

ceBox is a set of tools for the safe use of virtualized offices, but also their management, deployment and supervision.


Citrix: a rather complex offer


Bien que Citrix soit une suite logicielle complète, elle s’avère complexe en ce qui concerne l’identification des modules appropriés. Cette complexité est également présente lors de l’installation et de l’administration des différents modules.

Between Citrix DaaS, Citrix Workspace App, Citrix Endpoint Management, it is sometimes difficult to choose the right software brick for your needs.

ceBox Workspace quant à elle, répond aux principaux cas d’usages en termes de virtualization in an all-in-one tool. Avec une seule et même console d’administration, vous pouvez gérer les accès aux bureaux virtualisés et la mise à disposition d’applications adaptées aux profils de vos utilisateurs.


Pricing: more flexibility on ceBox


ceBox is a workstation virtualization solution that is distinguished by its simplicity and its transparency for costs. Unlike Citrix, which has a complex pricing based on the resources needed for virtual machines, ceBox offers a model license per role per month. By choosing ceBox, you will benefit from a solution which is easy to set up and to maintain, without having to worry about setup or installation costs on servers or via the cloud. To be short, ceBox is the ideal solution for companies looking for efficient and affordable desktop virtualization.

It is possible to make direct appointment with an expert to discuss your business needs in more detail. 


Availability on all devices: 


ceBox offers exceptional performance for desktops and laptops, with specialized expertise in these devices. Although we plan to develop our compatibility with smartphones and tablets, for now our solution is only available on desktops and laptops.


If you are looking for a solution for your desktops and laptops, ceBox can be a great option for your business, offering better performance than Citrix. However, if you need a solution that is multi plateforme, Citrix can be a good alternative.


In conclusion, we can say that ceBox is an excellent desktop management solution, offering specialized expertise on desktops and laptops for optimal performance. In addition, the simplicity of our pricing and the intuitive and clear user experience make ceBox an easy to use and understand solution for your business.


Although Citrix is a cross platform solution available on all types of terminals, we believe that ceBox’s specialization in desktops and laptops can provide significant added value for companies that primarily need a solution for these devices. In short, choosing ceBox can be the ideal solution for your business if you are looking for a high-performance, easy-to-use solution tailored to your specific needs.


Please do not hesitate to join one of our experts to deepen your benchmark, they can guide you in your reflections.

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