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Managing staff turnover

It is common for an organisation to welcome new staff and to see others leave. However, these events are complex to manage for the IT department. On the one hand, the new employee must quickly be provided with a functional and efficient workstation. On the other hand, the IT department usually learns at the last moment about important information such as the date of arrival, the identity of the newcomer and the equipment to be allocated.

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The issues

Départ : avec ceBox, les postes sont « nettoyés » chaque jour grâce au mode Read-Only qui permet qu’à chaque démarrage que le poste reparte sur l’image prédéfinie. 

Arrivée : L’administrateur des postes de travail prépare des « images maîtres » qui répondent aux différents besoins des métiers. La DSI n’a donc plus qu’à donner ceBox au nouveau collaborateur et lui attribuer le Master adéquat contenant l’OS et les applications.

Le temps alloué aux mouvements de personnel diminue considérablement, laissant plus de temps à la DSI pour des projets à plus forte valeur ajoutée.

Receiving information about the newcomer

The CIO is informed of the important information about the newcomer: date of arrival, identity, department, equipment to be allocated. Even in a very short time, the IT department knows that it will be able to prepare the accesses and the material to be allocated to the new user.

Preparation of equipment and access

The IT team can therefore give the new employee the necessary access. By knowing which department they will be attached to, the CIO knows what type of tools they will allocate to the user and therefore what equipment is needed for them to function properly. Since the images of the workstations are prepared and updated centrally by the IT department, the workstation can be ready in 5 minutes. In the end, all that is required is to switch on the workstation, connect it to the network and choose which image it should start on via the ceBox administration console, which can be done remotely.

Provision of the workstation to the user, Onboarding

On the D-day, the IT department gives the newcomer his equipment (telephone, PC, access badge, etc.). The workstation is functional immediately, and the new user can immediately work on the first projects he or she is to work on.

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