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XiVO CC is an open source call centre solution that provides your teams with tools and agility for smooth contact with your customers. Thanks to its native functionalities, it creates optimisation and added value for customer relations.
The supervisors have real control over the activity. Available as a softphone, the XiVO CC slution offers greater mobility. This means that contact centres benefit from great fluidity in their customer journey. The user experience is a factor of excellence and guarantees the loyalty of your customers. The highlight: our proximity to your customers and a detailed understanding of your needs.

Interface XiVO Agent

XiVO Agent is the interface dedicated to contact centre advisors. As a result, it allows them to manage and control their activity.

  • Contextualised interface
  • Display of individual metrics and customer data
  • Visualisation of the customer journey
  • Complete management of telephony and presence actions
  • Dynamic callback campaigns
  • Integration with business tools (record lift/click to call ...)

Interface CC Manager

The dedicated tool for the call centre supervisor
The CC Manager interface allows for real-time monitoring of the activity. In addition, supervisors can also configure distribution
mechanisms on the trays.

  • Easy to use ergonomic interface
  • Control of the contact centre
  • Supervision of incoming and outgoing traffic in real time
  • Visualisation of the advisors' detailed activity
  • Control of the distribution of flows by business groups
  • Activation of predefined configurations

XiVO CC, optimised customer relations

The XiVO CC solution supports every company in achieving its
business objectives and increases the performance of your customer relations.

call center in operation
Easily manage your call centre

The interfaces dedicated to advisors and supervisors are intuitive and ergonomic.

utilisatrice xivo
Optimise the follow-up of the customer's journey and anticipate his request

Improve the customer experience to create a true brand experience.

xivo uc
Statistics/Smart Data, Cross-referencing your business data with telephone data telephone data

Benefit from real-time and delayed operational reporting,

modern office environment
Integrate XiVO easily into your IS environment and business tools

Thanks to the integration with business tools, you will benefit from a single interface.

XiVO is fully integrated and connectable to your business tools

Integrate XiVO with your customer relations tools (CRM, ERP, collaboration, etc.) and optimise their use with a unified communications solution.
Depending on your tool, connect XiVO and benefit from :

  • Optimised call management: advisors and supervisors access the XiVO solution from the interface of your business tool.
  • Click to call: With the click to call banner, users can make calls directly from the business tool interface.
  • Customer record feedback: the customer record feedback is carried out for each incoming call with all the customer information.
  • Customised statistics: Average call duration, average call duration, customised reports, etc.
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Reinventing your daily life? Softphone & Teleworking

Digitalise your call centre with our XiVO WebRTC softphone solution. Allow your advisors and supervisors more mobility and teleworking. The XiVO WebRTC solution has been used for many years by local authorities, private companies and contact centres alike. It allows telephony to be dematerialised. Teleworking employees can make and receive calls and search for contacts in the telephone directory from their computer.

Let's reinvent unified communications and the call centre.

Opt for a sovereign, free, high-performance and secure solution.

Discover XiVO CC, our call centre solution


Do you manage or want to create a call centre for your company? Are you looking for a call centre solution to manage all your IP telephony calls?

Discover XiVO CC, the most complete and open source call centre management tool to manage your inbound and outbound calls with ease.

Why adopt a call centre solution?

There are several reasons for choosing a VoIP call centre solution: to increase customer satisfaction, to avoid queues, to enable cloud-based telephony, to collect data on incoming and outgoing calls from your operators...

Compared to traditional telephony, VoIP telephony has many advantages, even more so if it is coupled with good call-centre management software like XiVO CC.

Les avantages d’un logiciel de centre d’appels sont donc nombreux mais leur mise en place peut parfois être fastidieuse. C’est pourquoi nous avons décidé de mettre en place XiVO CC.

Why choose our XiVO CC call centre solution?

Many call centre tools exist today. However, our VoIP call centre solution is one of the most advanced for call centre operators.

Our call centre software allows sales and customer service staff to retrieve customer records in real time, track call histories and set up an interactive voice server very easily. 

Call management for the call centre manager is also simplified by the ability to set up automatic distribution rules and to monitor the performance of his teams in real time.

But above all, our call centre software can be perfectly integrated with your IT environment and your business tools. Your interface is adapted to your needs. 

Switch to XiVO now.

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