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IP telephony or VoIP is a mode of telephony using the IP (Internet Protocol) protocol, to route telephone communications. Telephony is digitized and the voice is instantly broadcast. IP telephony has developed strongly thanks to the end of PSTN (Switched Telephone Network). Companies have had to adapt to this innovation and migrate to IP telephony.

An on-premise solution is the execution of an application with an on-premise infrastructure. In contrast, a cloud solution is installed in a cloud. It is accessible directly from the internet. The server can be accessed remotely. Both solutions have advantages and disadvantages. The type of installation will depend on the specificities of the company, its budget and its uses. XiVO offers an on premise and a cloud offering to meet all needs.

Unified Communications is the set of tools integrated in a company to facilitate communication. The term "unified" refers to the use of interconnected tools and a single interface to enable employees to be more productive and work more efficiently. The aim is for the user to have easy access to their communication tool, on computer, mobile, tablet, etc. Unified communications include the following features: Voice communications, videoconferencing, telephone face-to-face, voice messages, chat, collaborative messaging, instant messaging, document sharing, etc.

The source code of open source software is open, editable and publicly available. This does not mean that open source software is free. Its price is however more accessible than that of proprietary software. Companies enjoy greater independence, transparency and autonomy. They also have greater control over their information systems and data is more secure. Open Source solutions enable strong interoperability through APIs. Companies can easily modulate their solution.

XiVO offers many collaboration features (video conferencing, chat, screen sharing, multi-participant conferencing, etc.). The XiVO solution is more economical and has no licensing costs. In addition, the open source nature of XiVO guarantees greater transparency and security for your user data. An interconnection is possible between XiVO and Teams. It allows you to route calls from one tool to another. Benefit from the functional contribution of XiVO.

WebRTC is a protocol that allows telephony & video conferencing through a web browser. This application is called a softphone. Wherever you are, you can make and receive calls, initiate conferences and access all the corporate telephony features. WebRTC enables softphone use on computers, mobiles and tablets.

With XiVO the migration project can be carried out in one go or through a smooth migration. Continuity of telephone services is the main expectation during a migration project. The process called "cutover" offers the possibility of migrating the IT equipment without impacting production and without any interruption of services for users. Data is collected beforehand to ensure that the migration goes smoothly and to identify any points of concern. XiVO interconnects with the existing telephony solution and is positioned directly between the operator and the current telephony solution, via SIP trunks/ISDN links (T2/T0). Finally, the customer chooses the pace of their migration, 30 days, 300 days, etc. Companies have the possibility to keep their numbers thanks to number portability.

For the past 20 years, GAFAM has been ruling the digital space and imposing its practices in terms of content deletion, selling personal data, etc. Data is the digital capital of companies. It is therefore essential to protect it to ensure the integrity of its IT structures. This is why digital sovereignty is becoming essential. It is a question of ensuring that data is hosted in France, and so on.

Wisper, as the publisher of an Open Source solution, has always had at heart, in its DNA, to respect the right to protection and confidentiality of its users' data. The XiVO solution allows the collection, use, storage and destruction of personal data. Defining the scope of all these applications with respect to personal data and referencing the various data sources will go a long way to establishing a roadmap for compliance in the days leading up to the implementation of the solution.

he XiVO solution processes real-time data from your call centre to create the best customer relationship and optimize customer interactions. The data processing in the solution creates extensive statistics: POPC, calls, call centre agents, activities, queues, peaks. Numerous dashboards are available to analyse your data. In addition, specific reports and a data well are also available.

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