XiVO Connect,
an IP telephony & unified communications offer 100% Cloud
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xivo connect
Our solution XiVO Connect

Opt for 100% Cloud telephony and free yourself from telephone infrastructures. With the XiVO Connect offer you benefit from IP telephony and collaboration features in softphony. Dematerialization and simplicity guide the management for your employees who can make and receive calls directly from their computer, tablet or smartphone.
Set up in the Cloud, XiVO Connect offers your administrators even more flexibility.

The offer includes the XiVO Assistant tool, your interface to communicate, exchange and share. Call management, video conferencing, chat, unified directories, XiVO Assistant is an ergonomic and easy-to-use interface for your employees. Interoperable and open, XiVO Connect interconnects with your business tools and existing environments.

XiVO Connect in 4 key points
xivo deploiement rapide
Quick deployment

A ready-to-use solution, deployed
in a few clicks

xivo gestion simplifiee
Simplified management

Cloud-based installation allows simplified management for your administrators

xivo fonction evolutives
Scalable features evolving

Take advantage of native and advanced unified communications features

xivo mobilite
More mobility

The use of the solution
in softophone favors
the mobility of your

helpdesk manager
Free yourself from the management of
your infrastructurethe 100% Cloud offer

Free yourself from the costs of installation, equipment acquisition and maintenance. The Connect offer comes in the form of a monthly subscription. Thanks to this flexibility, you can organize your budget with precision and ease. With XiVO Connect, you can call with ease. Connect to XiVO and let's GO!

xivo server
Our tool all in 1

XiVO UC offers native and advanced features

xivo softphone
xivo vdo point point
Video conferencing
xivo chat
xivo messagerie
xivo conferences
Video conferencing
Reinventing business telephony

Opt for a sovereign, free, high-performance and secure solution.

Offer of IP telephony and unified communication in the cloud

With the development of high speed internet and the democratization of IP telephony, more and more companies are using telephony and unified communication solutions entirely on the cloud.

Why use the cloud for your unified communication and telephony?

The cloud allows you to save money, especially in terms of infrastructure. Indeed, you no longer need to host your unified communication tools or telephony software. This will save you server costs and heavy infrastructure.

In addition, a cloud telephony or unified communication system allows your employees to be more mobile. With the advent of telecommuting, this has become an essential requirement for all VoIP telephony users.

What are the advantages of XiVO Connect?

XiVO Connect is a cloud-based IP telephony and unified communications solution. 100% hosted in the cloud, it allows you to deploy your unified communications solution, your collaboration tools or your cloud telephony solution in record time. The implementation is done in a few clicks on the workstations of your employees.

Also, the XiVO Connect solution allows simplified management for your IT department, making life easier for the administrators of your communication solutions.

Your employees using voice over IP will also be able to be more mobile, thanks to a softphone solution. Indeed, it allows them to call directly with their computer or their smartphone thanks to a simple internet connection.

What are the features of XiVO Connect?

XiVO Connect includes many features such as softphone, screen sharing, instant messaging, video conferencing and integration with your everyday tools. Moreover, the features evolve over time thanks to the various updates that we make to our service.

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