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The sovereign, open source alternative to your business telephony

XiVO has been supporting private and public companies for over 12 years. Benefit from more freedom, simplicity and performance. Today, more than 700 private companies, local authorities, universities and call centres have adopted it and more than 300,000 employees use it on a daily basis.

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Our telephony solution for companies XiVO

If you are looking for communication solutions for your company, your switchboard or your contact centre, you should look at the XiVO open source enterprise unified communication solution..

Why adopt an enterprise or call center telephony solution?

Compared to fixed telephony, a professional VoIP telephony solution will allow you to deploy telephone lines in record time according to your needs.

This will help you avoid having to work with telephone operators to independently open telephone lines for each of your employees.

Simply manage your communication tools centrally avec XiVO.

Why choose XiVO as a business telephone solution?

XiVO has many advantages as a phoning software for companies and call centers.

First, it natively integrates many features and interfaces easily with your various business tools.

Then, it allows your company to evolve in real time its offer of telephony and communication tools internally and externally. XiVO is compatible with fixed or mobile phones.

XiVO allows you to control your budget efficiently in contrast to traditional telephony services.

What is the difference between our two XiVO CC and XiVO UC offerings?

XiVO UC is an open source unified communication solutionIt is suitable for companies with internal and external communication needs. In particular, it makes it possible to opt for softphony and telework without any concern for connectivity.

XiVO CC is an call center solution, for very large sales teams who make phone calls on a very regular basis or for customer support. In this context, the XiVO CC solution makes it possible to optimize customer relations thanks to an optimized communication interface and the possibility for managers to better manage their phoning solution

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