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IP telephony made in France, XiVO vs Ringover

You wish to renew your solution of IP telephony ?

Are you doing research, a benchmark on the different solutions on the market?

This article is for you! We are going to present to you the two French solutions, XiVO and Ringover, in comparison.


XiVO is the first open source unified communications and call center solution.

Scalable and interoperable it facilitates collaboration within the company for more productivity. Collaborative tool, reception management, softphone, call center supervision, interconnection of business tools, XiVO offers advanced features. The solution has been supporting private and public companies for more than 14 years. Today more than 500 private companies, communities, universities, call centers have adopted it and more than 300,000 employees use it.


Ringover, a cloud solution

Ringover Group is a publisher of SaaS software. Since 2005, the company has been one of the players in the VOIP and business telephonyThe group has more than 250 employees in France, England, Spain and the United States. Like many IP telephony solutions, Ringover is 100% cloudThe solution includes a first paid version at €19 excl. VAT/user/month integrating collaborative and telephone functionalities. An offer « Power » from 39excl. VAT/user/month contains more features, such as statistics, integration with a CRM, real-time supervision, etc.

Ringover has strong functional similarities with the XiVO solution and other cloud solutions on the market. However, major differences exist.

The advantages of Ringover

  • Without installation or additional equipment, quick to set up
  • Many integrations with business tools
  • Accessible to small and medium-sized businesses


What are the differences with the XiVO solution?


One is proprietary, the other is open source 

Indeed, the Ringover solution is not open source unlike XiVO. But then what are the advantages of an open source solution?

The question of open source in the choice of an IT solution is above all a philosophical reflection. However, open source offers very concrete advantages. Open source software has open source code that anyone can access freely and for free. This means that the code can be changed to your liking. Users and businesses can easily customize solutions. Open source thus offers more flexibility and transparency. Regarding security, vulnerabilities can be easily discovered and corrected.

Finally, the absence of licenses makes it possible in most cases to reduce and control costs. Initially, software in SaaS has lower costs, but in the long term the recurrence of licenses weighs down budgets. Open source software is distributed free of charge, however service and maintenance costs must be added.


One is 100% cloud, the other is On-premise

Unlike the Ringover solution, XiVO is software On-premise. XiVO can be hosted within a customer's data center or within a partner carrier's data center (for exemple : Jaguar Network Free Pro). This setup is a guarantee of digital sovereignty and security of data and calls, more so for those who are registered as part of a call center.

Let's first look at the benefits on data protection. These are kept in your system and cannot be transmitted to a third party. Although a risk of cyber attack is always possible with an On-premise solution, it is however reduced. Regarding pricing, SaaS licenses are more expensive in the long run. Finally, the On-premise offers you more autonomy, especially for your administrators, who can access the software more easily.


A different market and targets

The Ringover solution is mainly aimed at small and medium-sized businesses. Its 100% cloud model adapts to this market. The XiVO solution is aimed more at ETIs, public administrations, education and large companies. Companies with a customer relations department and call centers are also key targets for XiVO. Thus Ringover and XiVO are not generally aimed at the same market.


Local support from A to Z

Wisper is an editor and integrator of its own XiVO solution. We support each client in the commissioning and deployment of the XiVO solution. We are thus committed to follow-up with a local presence with experts and a hotline located in France.


What are the advantages of XiVO over Ringover?

  • Open source solution. Downloadable easily and for free
  • Native features to the solution, no additional costs for each option.
  • More tranparency
  • StrongerStronger integration with multi-brand physical telephone sets physical telephone sets


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