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XiVO liberates videoconferencing while guaranteeing your data!

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American solutions have certainly taken a considerable lead in this market, but the fact remains that these solutions are expensive, proprietary and collect your personal data. We have therefore, with our values, taken advantage of the containment to integrate these new collaborative features, which have become essential, such as video conferencing & screen sharing.


Discover how XiVO allows you to protect the collection of your data by the giants of American tech?


Ces fonctionnalités seront totalement intégrées à XiVO et son Assistant. La solution Open Source française est déjà présente dans de nombreuses entreprises privées et publiques.

Telephony is evolving towards videoconferencing systems, the video is not always used, but at least the sound of these tools is. XiVO will thus enrich its catalog of services to its customers through video conferencing and screen sharing.

We wanted to provide our customers with a solution that meets their needs, a successful solution, always in line with our values of interoperability, open source and especially data protection.

"A desire to have a safe and open solution made in France".

After years of integrating with the various video tools on the market (e.g. BBB, Jitsi, Starleaf, etc.), the XiVO teams have just made a major strategic change. A strong choice following the messages launched by its customers at the Users Club a few months ago.

...A few months later, the functionality is there!

Jirka HLAVACEK, XiVO R&D Director, introduced to the Users Club preview the release of this new feature still kept secret until now.

"A most advantageous economic model"

"When on the market we are facing competitors on "enterprise" offers at amounts between €10.5 and €19 per user per month. Our desire is to free you! The functionality is natively integrated into the XiVO solution from the Helios version."

Source : Le journal du net 

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