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Users, Admins, Single Accounts : discover what XiVO Jabbah has to offer

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Every six months, a new XiVO version emerges to increase the functional contribution of the solution, making it smoother for users and administrators. For this new iteration, the Product and Development teams of Wisper have perfected XiVO to offer an even more ergonomic and efficient version. Thus the solution evolves to its «Jabbah» version. On the Unified Communications (UC) side, changes were made to the single account, the directory, the assistant, the video and the POPC. On the XiVO Call Center (CC) side, adjustments were made on call qualification and recordings.

Let us discover all the advances that Jabbah brings.



What are XiVO’s evolutions on Single Accounts ?


Unique accounts are in the spotlight with this release. Customers have asked us, so we developed it: single accounts can now take part in call groups as well as interception groups.

Be even more efficient by switching between your PC and phone.


What are the ergonomic evolutions for XiVO CC ?


On the user side, we have made the tool more ergonomic on several points.

Indeed we have updated the directory with a more relevant order of results via the management of accented characters , which previously had difficulty to be recognized: there’s no excuse to be disorganized now !

Now the “online” status is available in the XiVO Assistant history. As for the POPC, it has a desktop application :allowing to free itself from the web version for a more ergonomic interface and overall feeling (auto launch at boot, system notifications for calls, keyboard shortcuts to pick up/hang up).


On voit l'interface de l'application XiVO pc. Sur cette dernière on observe que les indicateurs de statut sont visibles depuis l'historique.

Le statut en ligne est disponible dans l’historique



The videoconferencing is expanded with XiVO Jabbah. First novelty, you can raise your hand in call to ask for the floor. You also have the possibility to see all participants even if they are all muted.As you might have understood, these evolutions allow a better organization of the participants during videoconferences.


On voit un exemple de visioconférence avec les nouvelles options.

The various new additions to video conferencing



Evolutions of the Administration side of the tool, XiVO CC


With this update we have not forgotten the administration of XiVO CCThat is why we reviewed various points.

  • Call Qualification We have completed a redesign to facilitate adaptation and provide some flexibility to the admin tool.
  • The improvement of Spago BIthis rework allows the improvement of types in Excel exports, which induces an easy post-processing of data.
  • Recordings: These now offer an english interface.


L'interface XiVO CC avec ses diverses options.

L’interface POPC.



What is changing at the technical level for XiVO Jabbah ?


The various components of the solution were upgraded :

  • Debian 11 switches to version Debian 11.5
  • Electron 16 switches to version Electron 16.0.8
  • Postgres 11.3 switches to version Postgres 11.18
  • Jitsi stable-7001 switches to version Jitsi stable-7648-4

Other notable developments are :

  • The container passage Webi in Bridge mode
  • Ability to adapt to an existing network configuration

Finally, after 3 years of service, our DENEB version of XiVO is no longer maintained (end of support editor).


What’s next for XiVO ?


Our next updates about XiVO will revolve around several points in 2023.

First, we want to improve reporting in XiVO CC. We also plan on updating the mobile application, in order to have a more efficient portable version to support you in mobility situations. Finally, we are moving towards a XiVO capable of welcoming 10.000 users.


Don’t hesitate, go and discover our latest XiVO Jabbah version and enjoy its novelties.

Learn more about the use cases of the XiVO solution with customer cases like Gédimat, SantéVet, Groupama or more like City of Lille and theUniversity of Lille.


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