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All about the new IZAR update for XiVO

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XiVO launches its new IZAR version. We continue to reinvent ourselves every day to bring new enhancements and features to our solution. On the menu: graphic SVI, new ergonomics, videoconferencing, volatile chat, advanced call management, etc. We take stock of all the features provided by IZAR.


The arrival of graphic IVR with IZAR

Each LTS brings new features and improvements. The Graphic Interactive Voice Response (IVR), a frequently demanded feature, is born with our new IZAR version. This new feature represents a major asset for corporate customer services. The proposed graphic IVR is very intuitive and therefore easier to configure than before, when it was necessary to use lines of code. All you have to do is integrate the voice messages you want to use, listen to them and then modify them if necessary. Thanks to its simplicity, you can delegate its management directly to the people in charge of the trades.

An IVR represents a major asset for improving the customer experience, by directing it towards the right service. For the time being, we are not proposing a delegation of rights on the SVI. In other words, an employee will be able to access all of a company’s IVR, regardless of their service. We will put a limitation option as soon as possible.


Videoconferencing: new features thanks to XiVO IZAR

Video conferencing evolves with XiVO IZAR. We have taken your needs into account to offer you new features and modifications. First novelty, and not least, a volatile instant messaging will be available, with the possibility to create surveys. Even in video conferencing, you can send a message via chat to all your employees or to a particular person.

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Our second novelty, a home page. Before joining a video conference, you will be taken to a home page, allowing you to set certain parameters before joining your call. You can enter your name, set up your microphone and camera.

IZAR will also allow you to create significantly shorter sharing relationships than on our old version. This feature will allow you to compare links much faster and make sure you’ve sent the voucher to your employees.

A background selection will also appear with IZAR. Very useful with the rise of telework, cette fonctionnalité vous permettra to protect you intimacy on your video calls. There are several options available to you as using a blurred background or choosing a preset or your own background, or even using your screen share as a background.

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Design and ergonomics are revisited with XiVO IZAR

The design and ergonomics were essential points in the creation of our new version. , to facilitate and improve your experience.  Through our redesign, your experience will be simpler and more intuitive. For instance, you can launch a video conference, call or message with one click. You will be able to benefit from advanced call management, for example by activating the “do not disturb” mode or by sending your non-response calls to another number.

We also improved typing error detector. It will now be easier and faster for you to contact your employees, for example.


And what about the mobile app?

A mobile app is essential today because it facilitates accessibility and offers more mobility to your collaborators. It is for these reasons that we have done a groundwork on the XiVO application with the IZAR version. It will now be updated regularly : every 6 months.

The "awakening of the app", an important feature, was introduced. You had to go to the app to receive and accept your calls. With this new feature, a notification will automatically turn on your phone screen, so you can hang up or pick up your call faster.

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For this new version, we also wanted further develop call management. With IZAR, you can now transfer your calls, access your call history, or select the call device.

It is important to know that our mobile app is only compatible with EDGE and IZAR.


IZAR: the technical corner

With the arrival of IZAR we have updated our components. In particular, we have switched to the operating system Debian 11, which provides better security. We also switched to PJSIP, because it is an undeniably useful element for our mobile application and allows a simpler multidevice management.


The IZAR version offers new features and modifications to meet your needs and requests.

Why waiting? Discover today our latest XiVO IZAR version.

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