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XiVO and Jaguar: a 100% French partnership for business telephony

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XiVO and Jaguar Network, two leading French players, have joined forces to offer organisations complete unified communications solutions hosted in sovereign datacenters and clouds.

XiVO and Jaguar Network, a common vision and values to guarantee ever greater proximity.

Jaguar Network, telecom operator and cloud host, a B2B subsidiary of the Iliad Group, and the Wisper Group, the leading open source editor and integrator of corporate telephony, are pooling their expertise to enable all their corporate and contact center customers and partners to benefit from very high definition quality for all their telephone communications. A collaboration based primarily on strong commitments to proximity, a sense of customer service 24 hours a day, the quality of technical support and technological innovation, as well as a proudly French origin.

A pooling of skills to optimise the quality of communications.

The increase in telephone communications and interactions is a real challenge for all companies, so the two partners have also put their complementary expertise to work externally: the Wisper Group develops and operates the XiVO open source corporate telephony solution, while Jaguar Network hosts it in its secure infrastructures and provides the interconnections to the IP telephone network. Both teams have also put in place infrastructure and communications supervision, guaranteeing optimal control of the platform.

The aim is to combine expertise to provide a premium, guaranteed end-to-end solution for all corporate communications.

The result is a solution that is unique on the market, including Internet network management and complete control of all telephony-related issues, guaranteed connection and voice quality, and simple and rapid migration - based on support before, during and after the project. In parallel, premium cloud, call centre, extranet and number management services are provided.

A 100% French and GDPR compliant partnership that guarantees targeted and coordinated expertise. The solution is also equipped with AI-based anti-fraud tools and a big data system that serves all consumption and usage data in real time. All these assets have already attracted several companies, including Skill & You, ACOEM and CEO Car Caring.

"With the shift in the economy to teleworking, voice remains one of the most preferred means of communication. It requires 24 hour availability coupled with high definition quality. This sovereign partnership with the XiVO teams demonstrates our desire to offer our customers and partners ever greater proximity and innovation. Declares Kevin Polizzi, founder and CEO of Jaguar Network.

"A simplified, end-to-end managed offer based on the best technologies coupled with a desire to support organisations in all their telephony and customer relations centre issues. Explains Jean-Marc Gonon, President of the Wisper Group.

About the WISPER Group

Based in France through its 5 sites and internationally (Belgium, Morocco and England), the Wisper Group develops its XiVO and ceBoxOS products with 100% French R&D. It has over 800 customers and 220,000 workstations installed. The Group's ambition is to strengthen its positioning around mobility, digital workplace and teleworking technologies.



The Wisper Group publishes and integrates XiVO, the first Open Source solution for IP telephony, unified communications and contact centres. With no licence fees, this model, which is unprecedented in the telephony market, offers significant cost savings for both small and large companies.

Innovative and interoperable, the XiVO solution integrates with companies' business tools thanks to Open Source APIs. The solution aims to provide a unique response to the business needs of each company. XiVO is now the French reference for Open Source business telephony, combining freedom and performance.

About Jaguar Network

Jaguar Network, a B2B subsidiary of the Iliad Group, supports companies in their digital transformation by providing them with trusted sovereign services. The group benefits from recognised expertise in the world of telecommunications, cloud, IoT and managed services. Jaguar Network relies on its fibre optic network interconnecting its own data centres located in France. These meet the most demanding standards in terms of eco-design, operation and security: HDS certification, ISO 27001 & PCI-DSS certification. Innovation is at the heart of the company's DNA, which invests heavily in R&D for value-added services for the network and the cloud by integrating technologies such as Edge Computing, AI, Big Data and IoT.

With a network of regional offices, the company continually invests in high availability infrastructure and provides its next generation services to over 1,200 corporate and public sector customers.

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