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Wisper & Conviviance, the best telephone reception for communities

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Telephone reception for a community is essential, it is the first contact with user and contributes to the image of the city, wich is why it must be irreproachable. Particular attention must be paid to it in order to guarantee la satisfaction des usagers.

In order to best meet the needs of cities, Wisper and Conviviance two French and sovereign companies join forces. The two software publishers have been collaborating for many years on joint projects in the service of the company phone. This is how the Wisper Conviviance partnership was naturally born. Thanks to this, the two companies offer you a complementary and innovative reception management solution. Local authorities will thus be able to provide users with the best telephone service, in line with the commitments of the program Services Publics +.

Conviviance, the expert in telephone reception for over 17 years

French publisher of software applied to telephony and expert in the citizen journey for more than 17 years, Conviviance supports communities in their digital transformation. It designs and offers solutions for optimizing the user relationship through its voice server 3.0. It creates flagship features such as voice recognition, Text-to-speech and SMS.

XiVO, the Open Source IP telephony solution

Wisper is the publisher of XiVO, an Open Source IP telephony solution, softphone, outil collaboratif, accueil & centre d’appel citoyen. To date, the solution is acclaimed by more than 200 local authorities. Complementary citizen relations features are added to those of Conviviance such as queue management and reception management.

What are the benefits of this partnership for local authorities?

The combination of Conviviance and XiVO features offers many advantages for local authorities, whether on the switchboard side or on the community side.

On the telephone switchboard side, overall the implementation of an intelligent solution allows the reduction of the switchboard, which induces a reduction in waiting time. Users who seek to contact the community will be put in touch quickly and directly with the right service/contact, which will increase citizen satisfaction and a dropout rate reaching 100% as soon as it is set up.

Reducing reception relieves the reception teams and creates better productivity for the switchboard operator and a more pleasant daily life. Thus, thanks to the combination of the Conviviance and XiVO solutions, local authorities improve the performance of agents and optimize their organization thanks to the monitoring of statistics in real time. In addition, agents gain in mobility thanks to softphones. Local authorities also benefit from easy and rapid migration and local support with the XiVO and Conviviance teams. Finally, local authorities are supported in their quality approach in order to respect their commitments related to the Services Publics + program and to receive the Qualivilles/QualiPARIS label.

From reception to statistics, discover the trajectory of calls

Automatic referral in voice and digital recognition

The combination of these 2 recognition technologies leads users to pronounce the name of the service / person to contact or to make their choice from the telephone keypad. Quick and easy contact. A solution that adapts to all users. The Conviviance solution allows a recognition rate of more than 90%.

Wisper & Conviviance, the best telephone reception for communities

The XiVO POPC interface

The XiVO POPC ensures a fluid and enriched contact with the interlocutors. Call management is simplified through this application to access extension supervision, management of calls in progress and on hold and transfer with dynamic search.

Wisper & Conviviance, the best telephone reception for communities

Queue management

The XiVO POPC implements queuing and call distribution mechanisms to define automatic or manual opening and closing times and overflow or dissuasion mechanisms. XiVO POPC optimizes call reception and reduces user waiting time.

Wisper & Conviviance, the best telephone reception for communities

Broadcasting messages with voice synthesis (Text-to-Speech)

Thanks to Text-to-Speech, cities will be able to communicate on projects and events related to current events very simply from the management interface and in real time. The text entered changes from writing to a message broadcast on the switchboard and/or the desired line; an active means of communicating with citizens.

Wisper & Conviviance, the best telephone reception for communities


SMS allow exchanges with the user for making/managing appointments, following up on a file, as part of a survey or a satisfaction questionnaire or quite simply to communicate on the projects and events of the city. These responses enrich real-time data such as the number of unanswered calls, dissuaded calls, answered calls, abandoned calls, calls in the queue, average waiting time, etc.


Thanks to this winning combination, cities will benefit from a smooth welcome. Intelligent call routing with XiVO and Conviviance solutions guarantees user satisfaction. Wisper and Conviviance is the winning combo for optimal telephone reception for local authorities and more generally for public administrations.


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