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Users Club, a XiVO event by Wisper

Club Utilisateurs XiVO 2022

Few weeks ago, XiVO Users Club has made its big comeback in a mythical tower of the city of Lyon (France), at the Radisson Blu Hotel. An event, bringing together about thirty chief information officer (CIO) and IT managers, to exchange experiences and uses of XiVO solutions.


Club Utilisateurs XiVO 2022 Wisper


What is the XiVO Users Club?

As its name suggests, this club brings together users of XiVO, in order to share and exchange their experiences with the solution. It brings together different sectors of activity, such as education and private companies. The primary goal of the Users Club is to set up a time for exchanging to understand better the uses and expectations of our customers, in order to offer them a product that meets their different problems. It is also a good time for exchanges between the various members, in order to share their experiences and knowledge on XiVO solution.


An exchange on the needs of each and every member

The event brought together three key sectors of activity: the private sector, public administrations, local authorities and education. We have therefore set up round tables for each sector in order to understand their use cases and expectations. It was also a great opportunity for everyone to share their experiences with the XiVO solution.


Un échange sur les usages de demain

During this edition of the Users Club, we wanted to ask members about their vision of the future with the XiVO solution. A good way to understand everyone’s expectations and meet their needs through our future developments. Many topics were discussed: the new features to integrate in the videoconference, expectations regarding a mobile application, etc.

Among other things, we asked them about their mobility at work, which allowed us to see that two-thirds of them are often on the move. We will therefore strengthen these features, while taking into account the more sedentary profiles of our customers.

We also wanted to learn more about their expectations for the upcoming features of the video conferencing tool. Thanks to this, we were able to realize that the choice of the background and the volatile instant messaging represent real needs for our customers. These features have been added by our R&D. These various exchanges allow us to see in which direction to go, to meet better the expectations of our users.

With the aim of discussing the future and future features of XiVO, we presented in preview our new update XiVO IZAR to the members of the XiVO User Club. We also took the opportunity to present our future areas of improvement for our next LTS, which should arrive in a few months.


A more than successful 2022 edition, as this is the first time we have been able to organize this exchange in physics. We will meet in 2023 for a next edition, in another city and in a majestic setting, but shh, we will tell you more at the end of the year.

Learn more about the use cases of the XiVO solution with customer cases like Gédimat, SantéVet, Groupama or more like City of Lille and theUniversity of Lille.

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