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IP telephony: why has it become essential?

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What is IP telephony?

IP telephony is a real problem in the telecom world and has already caught the eye of many companies. Increasingly demanded by companies, it is now in the spotlight and is becoming the most popular telephony solution of the moment. But why does it generate such enthusiasm?

Skype, Messenger, WhatsApp, we’ve all used IP telephony to communicate. But what is it?

IP telephony, also called ToIP (Telephony over Internet Protocol), allows you to communicate using the internet protocol (hence its name). You can say goodbye to the telephone cables 👋. With ToIP, audio signals will be routed in the form of digital data through an Internet connection. In practice, you can make your calls with any connected object (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.) thanks to IP telephony.

That’s all well and good, but why should you adopt it too?


Here are some advantages of IP telephony for your business

If IP telephony is such a success, you can imagine that it is not for nothing. It does offer many advantages to companies and their employees.


​✅​ Cost reduction and control

The Good news is that ToIP can save you money! It does incur very little installation costs compared to traditional services. All you have to do is enjoy an Internet network, without any heavy installation, and that’s it.

The money savings don’t stop there! ToIP also reduces your communication costs. The costs of external calls, such as international calls, are considerably reduced compared to conventional telephony. In addition, communications between the various sites of a company are completely free. To do this, your company must be equipped with a private network to connect its various sites.


​✅​ Increased mobility and availability

In addition to the financial aspect, IP telephony offers increased mobility to all employees. Having experienced the joy of teleworking with lockdowns, mobility is an increasingly common demand these days. By migrating to the ToIP, you can be reached at any time, no matter where. In the office, on the move or working from home, you can benefit from your telephony solution.

Thanks to IP telephony, no call will escape you. On holiday or simply unavailable? You can schedule the transfer of your calls to one of your employees. You can improve your relationship and customer satisfaction.

telephonie IP wisper

​✅​ Increased collaboration

ToIP increases collaboration between employees, allowing for more productivity. As mentioned earlier, IP telephony allows, among other things, to maintain a link between employees from different sites. It also offers several features to develop collaborative work. Employees can see everyone’s availability thanks to shared agendas, or create a video conference in a few clicks to discuss an urgent topic, etc.


✅​ Evolutions and optimizations

IP telephony knows how to adapt to changes in your company. It allows you to add new users more easily and quickly than with traditional telephony solutions.

ToIP is a solution that is unanimous. More simplicity, savings, mobility and scalability, many companies have already been convinced.

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