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Success Story XiVO of the City of Caluire et Cuire

Téléphonie IP Collectivités

Olivier Salivet's testimony – Head of information systems and telecommunications of the City of Caluire et Cuire


Caluire et Cuire


About Caluire et Cuire 

  • Rhône department
  • Zip : 69300
  • 43 746 residents
  • 600 - 800 agents


What were the business, technical and functional challenges of the project?

12 years ago when the project started, the City of Caluire was equipped with a classic pabx telephony solution. The objective was to switch to an IP telephony solution, bringing us more modernity, scalability and flexibility, while having reasonable and measured costs.

Telephony is a key issue for cities. Citizens must be able to easily reach the services of the town hall. Thus municipal agents must have modern and innovative tools to facilitate their work and daily communication.

Telephony is the first application of our IS. Switchboards must respond to numerous administrative requests efficiently, in order to lose as few calls as possible and to facilitate the work of the switchboard operators.


What are the uses within the town of Caluire?

Between 350 and 400 city officials use XiVO on a daily basis. However, some agents are still on analog lines. For example, some buildings such as nurseries do not need to switch to IP telephony. The XiVO solution is deployed in about fifteen buildings and on 8 to 9 main sites: (municipal technical center, town hall, association house, youth center, central kitchen, etc.).

Administrative telephony is the main use within the City of Caluire. We have a few physical positions. However, for more than two years, we have been deploying WebRTC in order to dematerialize telephony in favor of the softphone. Agents can thus use the telephony tool directly from their computer via a browser. We also have queues with several receptions which represent between 7 to 8 services.


 What are the positive points of the XiVO solution? 

  • Robust and reliable solution
  • Few incidents
  • Softphone & mobility
  • Lots of annual maintenance
  • No additional license cost
  • Simple and fast management
  • Scalable and regular features
  • Simplified administration of the solution
  • Responsive and professional team
  • Local support


What are the next steps for the City of Caluire project?

We have old XiVO boxes on the 4 to 5 remote sites. The objective is to centralize everything on a trunk sip. Finally, we want to migrate to a new version this year.


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