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Discover the Skill and You case study

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Discover the success story of Skill & You

Read about Skill and you 's experience. In this case study, you will discover how and why our customer deployed XiVO. Wht did XiVO do for our client.

Skill & You, is a network of 14 schools offering more than 200 courses ranging from apprenticeships to diplomas, from professional qualifications to higher education. As a major player in e-learning, S&Y aims to make training and professional success accessible to all. More than 120,000 students are currently building their future on the S&Y e-campus.

The challenges of the IP telephony project :

  • High reachability
  • Autonomy
  • Interoperability
  • Search for a reliable tool, guaranteeing business continuity
  • Flexible tool capable of interconnecting with the information system
  • Digital sovereignty
  • Open Source


Dimitri Chevtchenko, CIO: "We chose XiVO for its open source nature, its interoperability and its ability to integrate with our information system. The results: 3 call centers configured for telecommuting in a few weeks to stay connected with our students." 


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