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IVR : what are the advantages ?

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The Interactive Voice Server

A powerful ally for customer services, has evolved greatly in our latest LTS XiVO IZAR, since it integrates a more intuitive web interface. Cost reduction, productivity gain, better image for your company, well configured the IVR can be your bestfriend.


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Dès que vous cherchez à joindre un numéro et qu’une petite voix vous dit « Tapez 1 pour … », vous êtes face à un serveur vocal interactif ou IVR en anglais.

The IVR is a telephony solution for companies, which aims to direct customers via pre-recorded messages. Thanks to the voice or the press of keys on the screen, an IVR will direct customers to the right service for their request. Simply stated, it is a computer system that allows automatic pick-up and immediate handling of calls.



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If the Interactive Voice Service is so widespread it is not for nothing. It offers many advantages to companies. Among them:

  • Improvement of the company's image:

The IVR offers a personalized and professional welcome to your customers. Thanks to a well configured IVR, your company will make a good impression every time and will allow you to build customer loyalty. The reactivity of an IVR will indeed demonstrate your professionalism and give you credibility with your customers and prospects.

  • Call Optimization / Productivity Gain:

The IVR offers an immediate handling of calls, qualifies the reasons for the call and then redirects them to the appropriate department or person. In this way, it considerably reduces waiting time and enables better management of call peaks. The productivity gains don't stop there. In some cases, the IVR can perform automatic tasks, such as sending SMS, recording data in the database, generating outgoing calls and even satisfaction surveys. This leaves more time for agents to focus on things that are more essential to your business.

  • Cost reduction -:

The IVR automates customer orientation while requiring fewer resources than a traditional receptionist. It is therefore a major ally in reducing your costs and will allow you to achieve a better return on investment.


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If the IVR is so much appreciated by companies, it is the same for customers and prospects. This tool allows to facilitate their steps, thanks to :

  • A boosted customer experience:

The IVR allows you to benefit from a 24/7 telephone reception. The latter can communicate information (opening hours, etc.) and answers to common questions at any time.

  • Optimized problem solving:

Customers and prospects will be directly redirected via the IVR, to the service or person best suited to their requests, with a reduced waiting time.


If you are overwhelmed during peak periods and your waiting times are getting longer and longer, now is the time to take the plunge and opt for an IVR. What are you waiting for?

As you can see, IVR has become an essential asset for business communication and customer services. This is why we have developed this functionality on our LTS XiVO IZAR.

Be careful not to overuse it, an IVR with too many choices and too many levels can harm the customer experience and lose your interlocutor. We recommend a maximum of 1 to 2 levels with a maximum of 4 choices.

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