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French open source software not to be missed in 2023


An open source software is a bit like a kitchen recipe, where all the ingredients and the preparation steps would be revealed. Anyone can access it, modify it and use it as long as they respect the open source license that governs these practices… and to have the necessary resources and skills (not anyone can improvise him or herself a pastry chef).


Open source software is often developed by a community of passionate people who collaborate to improve the software and make it more efficient and accessible. They can be used for all kinds of applications, whether for personal, professional or government use, and are considered a liberated alternative to proprietary software.


In this article, we will examine the case of open source French software. There are many players and it is important to mention that the French tech has a say in this type of software


Many types of tools will be addressed, which are for IP telephony, the creation of an e-commerce site or the reduction of its carbon footprint


XiVO – the French and open source alternative to Teams or Aircall

xivo solution open sourceIn 2005, XiVO created the first open source version of its software in Paris. 

XiVO open source software is a full VoIP telephony tool virtualisable and scalable, efficient and of course open source. 

XIVO solutions make it possible to build an architectures suitable for all types of organizations ranging from 150 to over 5000 users. 

XiVO proposes 2 solutions:

  • XiVO UC (Unified communication) which offers a unified and collaborative communication solution for companies with interfaces for softphone, reception, chat, video conferencing and mobile application for fixed and mobile personnel.
  • XiVO CC (Contact Center) which is the right solution for call centers with Agent and Manager interfaces to optimize call times and statistical tools to analyze call flows.

XiVO has a documentation , a community which is very active and it is possible to download the solution in free access. It is therefore an open source tool that checks all the boxes of this name.


For videoconferencing, XiVO relies on another recognized open source tool: Jitsi. The solution Jitsi which is the French equivalent of Google Meet and Zoom. It offers video conferencing services for two or more people as well as screen sharing, meeting recording and an integrated chat.


VLC – the universal open source media made in France

vlc open source

Created in 2001, VLC is a media player, created in France, free and open source. It has been developed by VideoLAN to give a maximum of freedom to its users. This solution became widely known in the early 2000s and remains a nice alternative to native media players from Microsoft or Apple.

This software is ideal for watching and listening to any type of video file and/ or audit, whether it is MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264, MKV, WebM, WMV, MP3…

In addition to playback, this tool also allows conversion or live streaming.

The software is available on about twenty different platforms, whether it is macOS, Android, Linux or Windows. The solution can be downloaded for free from the VideoLAN website directly. 


GLPI – the open source IT services management tool

glpi open source

GLPI is a professional tool that makes life easier for CIOs. This tool, created in 2003, offers ITSM ( Integrated Training Management System) as well as a helpdesk, a financial management tool and project management. 

Globaly, GLPI is a IT service management and customer fleet management facilitator, an associated support tool. The aim of all this is to increase the control of the IT infrastructure

The solution can be downloaded directly from GLPI website and join the list of many customers such as Airbus.


PrestaShop – the open source e-commerce CMS

PrestaShop open source

Prestashop is a well-known e-commerce website toolIn fact, the CMS will allow you to create an online shop thanks to its open source software

PrestaShop is a CMS. It is, therefore, a tool that gives the possibility to create a website without necessarily having notions of code.

The special feature of PrestaShop is that unlike its competitor Shopify, it is open source. Its code is therefore available online for free.

with a community of1 million members,, PrestaShop offers an open source solution that is constantly evolving.


Matomo – the French alternative to Google Analyticsmatomo open source

Matomo is the tool that best respects the rules of French and European legislation, the "RGPD", in terms of Analytics.

Matomo Analytics is an open source software, a web analytics solution allowing to follow the behavior of users of a site via a web campaign or SEO, while respecting the private data, storage of the data of its customers. 

According to its website, the tool, created in 2007, has recently reached one million users with clients such as NASA, the European Commission and the United Nations.

It is possible to download free and self-host one of Matomo’s open source licenses directly on the company’s website


Kabaun – the open source solution to measure your carbon footprint

kabaun open source

Kabaun is a French Tech company specialized in the calculation and control of the Carbon footprint. With this open source solution, Kabaun allows a company to measure its carbon emissions in real time and to take appropriate measures to reduce them.

On its website, Kabaun says it promotes “collective intelligence and transparency to enable all companies to engage. Carbon impact measurement is everyone’s property.”

BlueMind – The French and open source alternative to Outlook

La solution BlueMind : tour d'horizon des fonctionnalités

BlueMind is a sovereign French open source messaging solution. 

BlueMind offers enterprise messaging solutions, as well as a collaborative calendar and contact lists. The software also offers a “free” software suite and aims to foster collaborative work.

With clients such as Thales, Airbus Défense and Space, the Ministry of the Interior and the Institut Pasteur, BlueMind is positioned as a solid alternative to traditional American software.

You now have all the information you need to build an open source ecosystem using French tools.

Investing in open source solutions also means investing in a way of thinking, a philosophy that promotes the sharing of information and a certain very precise vision of the company. 

Please do not hesitate to join one of our experts to deepen your market analysis.


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