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Why choose open source for your educational institution?

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Open source or free software solutions represent a type of software in which all or part of the code is accessible, modifiable and usable by a contributor.

It is nevertheless important to mention that technical skills are required to install and use these open source tools.

The practice of open source is much more than an economic or technical choice, it is a way of thinking that focuses on the accessibility and transparency of information.

There are a multitude of open source tools and in particular French open source software listed in the article French open source software not to be missed in 2023.

In this article, we will instead look at the advantages of using one or more open source solutions for a college, high school, university, engineering school, business school, etc.

Why can teachers, professors, principals and directors easily opt for open source?


Open source is a flexible and customizable solution


Each institution has its own software needs and requirements. Open source software, because its code is accessible and modifiable, generally offers great freedom. It is possible to modify and contribute to the evolution of the open source part of a software code.

This flexibility can also help to customize the tool to individual needs.

This customization could be useful for the world of education because a tool can be used differently depending on uses and users. Indeed, these uses may change depending on the needs of each department, business line and type of user in an establishment.


Open source is also a more economical and sovereign alternative


Free software offers freedom in the choice of which part of the software will be used. Indeed, many open source software offer a free version of their solution. Some also offer a paid version with a license, but these licenses are generally less expensive than those of «GAFAM» for example.


It is therefore often cheaper to use software like XiVO, GIMP or BlueMind rather than solutions created by Google, Adobe or Microsoft. There are sometimes free versions of Google or Slack solutions, but these are very limited by the number of options and/or the number of users.

When proprietary publishers offer free versions, it is often your data that becomes monetized (uses, navigations etc.).


More generally, the use of tools created by so-called “GAFAM” (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft) raises an issue substantially related to the exploitation of your personal/business data which is the issue of digital sovereignty.


Open source, a collaborative factor and a learning tool alone


Beyond the practical advantages mentioned above, open source is also a teaching tool, especially in computer programs, because code alone can be used to discover how computer software works.  Indeed, we note that for example the Python language is often used in computer training and also present in some open source codes.

Knowing that these programs are free, it is also possible for students, with the help of teachers, to modulate or play with the tool.

At a time when digital is more and more embedded in our lives, awareness of the code and the computer industry as a whole has more than its place in our schools, high schools, etc.

As can see, open source can also be an excellent tool to promote creativity in our future developers.



Finally, open source is also a philosophy and values


By giving priority to the use of Free Software in schools, teachers and other stakeholders in education are also giving priority to the development of a philosophy of greater information sharing.

For some, it is a bias, for others, it is also a new source of debate, dialogue and questioning of our vision of society.

What is clear is that the subject is really up-to-date, open source is growing and the transparency reflected in its values will reassure the world of education.

Open source offers a wide range of products that you can find in our article French open source software not to be missed in 2023. The notion of open source software also raises many questions and misconceptions that you can also find in our article Top 3 misconceptions about open source software.

For more information on open source in general and on the XiVO Unified Open Source Solution, do not hesitate to contact our experts who are always happy to share this expertise with you.


XiVO makes a point of adapting to the world of education, do not hesitate to discover the advantages of XiVO for education.

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