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Here are the 3 advantages of working with French companies like Wisper

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For the past 20 years or so, GAFAMs have ruled the digital space and imposed their practices in terms of deleting content, selling personal data, etc. The March 2020 health crisis has accelerated the outsourcing of corporate infrastructures to the cloud to cope with the explosion of telecommuting. But then, how do you ensure that your data is well managed and secure? Who should you trust? How to choose?

Here are the 3 advantages of working with French companies:

Secure management of your data

Digital sovereignty is the absolute right to exercise legislative or judicial authority over a country in the fields of information and communication technologies. However, for several years now, European countries have been confronted with an alteration of their digital sovereignty.
Data represents the digital capital of companies. It is therefore essential to protect it to ensure the integrity of its IT structures and therefore of its business itself. This is why digital sovereignty is becoming essential.
In a few words, it is a matter of ensuring that its data is hosted in France, and is thus subject to French laws GAFAM which, in turn, fall under American law.
Deux actions majeures pour sécuriser ses données :
> Extract our companies from the monopoly of certain actors subject to extraterritoriality laws - like the Cloud Act. Cloud Act.
> Protect our companies' data against cyber threats (ransomware) and "non-state" economic warfare processes (theft of R&D data, for example).
Indeed, the place where the data is created, the paths it takes, the different centers where it will then be stored and therefore read are all potential flaws if the operators of these infrastructures are not sovereign and compliant with the GDPR.

Reduced intervention time and tailored support

On the one hand, national players mean proximity to the infrastructure. This significant advantage leads to a very high availability of data on a continuous basis. On the other hand, in the event of a problem, the intervention time will be considerably reduced - the technical teams being in the same time zone and directly on site. This reactivity ensures maximum security and guarantees business continuity in case of vulnerability.
In addition to geographical proximity, opting for a national player means ensuring a better link with the partner teams. A common language and culture result in a better understanding of needs, and therefore a quality of response adapted to the company's problems. The result: smoother exchanges, tailor-made projects and dedicated contacts for maximum customer satisfaction.

A virtuous effect for the economy and French companies

Entrusting your data to a national player is also the assurance of participating in the growth of the French economy and its companies on a European and global scale.
Indeed, the use of solutions françaises undeniably favors the development of employment at the national level and thus encourages the best talents to remain on our territory. This is primarily an economic issue, but not the only one: relying on national structures encourages the emergence of new players and thus increases their capacity for innovation tenfold.
This is the best way to encourage organizations to develop their technologies and thus promote their growth beyond borders. In the long run, the idea is to create and develop European unicorns and thus offer a technological alternative that respects the laws and personal freedoms of 500 million European citizens.
To summarise, keeping their digital assets on French soil allows companies to keep control over their sensitive information while having the guarantee of transparency, availability, security and compliance of their data. In addition to these issues, it also addresses the development of the French and European economy.

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