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Call Centres : How does XiVO facilitate the everyday life of an agent ?

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In increasingly competitive markets, where products and services are similar, customer relationship can make a serious difference. It reflects your brand image as well as your capacity to efficiently answer your client's needs. It is why your call center must be optimized in order toincrease your client's satisfaction..

Writing and automated responses (chatbot, email) are of particular interest. Moreover, vocal exchanges remain key elements in customer relationship. The question is, how can we combine operational efficiency to human and emotional quality ?

An optimized call center reduces the stress your agents are facing, upgrades the well being at work which then reduces turnovers. Loyal agents who are granted performant tools will produce a more optimal customer service, which will build customer loyalty .

And just like this, XiVO Call Center (XiVO CC) helps you resolve the equation, offering user-friendly and efficient tools in order to facilitate their daily work and make them more productive.


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Operational efficiency and customer satisfaction through intelligent call distribution

Our call center solution XiVO-CC allows to establish different call distribution strategies with the help of queues. It creates a perfected routing of the calls to the right services, the right interlocutor, the right queue, depending on their availability, the language, etc. The calls will then land at the right spot, resulting in time savings and more efficiency. The call distribution allows agents to react quickly and bring a solution to the problem in an easier way. The correspondent is better redirected, agents optimize their calls, and naturally they can answer more easily to the client's demand. Finally, thanks to the routing, agents won't be saturated and the ressources will be allocated better by the supervisor.


Smooth and intuitive desktop experience

The agent banner is the interface for call centre advisors. Accessible and ergonomic, it is easy to grasp and it eases up the agents' everyday tasks. From the agent banner, the supervisor can manage his calls, qualify them, set reminder campaigns, record the calls, etc.

Thanks to its open APIs, XiVO can be connected to your call center work tools and software (CRM, tecketing tools,etc.). The agent then benefits from a unified work post. This interconexion reduces the number of dialogue boxes, clicks, tabs and simplifies the agent's work. For exemple, the agent banner can interface with the CRM Salesforce. The agent will then be able to use his customer relation tool directly on his CRM and effectively gain in performance.

More personalized responses via enhanced customer knowledge

The XiVO solution allows a fine collection of customer information. During an incoming call, the agent receives a notification with an escalation of the file presenting a set of information about the incoming call profile. The agent thus easily and quickly accesses all the information relating to the file of the people to whom he addresses. Therefore, it brings a personalized answer, without having the client to repeat himself. The agent will aslo be able to update conveniently the client file, for an up to date and qualified client base.


Statistics grant you an optimised response time and a global view of the team

The present statistics presented in the XiVO CC solution allow the agent to have an overview of his activity and his incoming calls. This will allow them to better manage their response time. Statistics are available in real-time and offline. The agent has 10 statistics:

  • Pause time
  • Total call time
  • Average call time
  • Average outbound call time
  • Total time after call
  • Number of calls submitted
  • Number of calls answered
  • Number of unanswered calls
  • Number of outbound calls
  • Percentage of un-answered calls


By clicking on the desired indicator, the advisor can make it appear dynamically, directly in his banner in a representative graphic.

The call centre supervisor also benefits from advanced statistics, allowing him to manage the activity in real time. For example, it can configure distribution mechanisms on trays.


In the context of telework, call centre agents are as fulfilled as they are operational

Since the recent health crisis, every call centre had to adapt to new work modes. These changes have been sustained within companies. Teleworking can help avoid delays, improve everyday well-being, and optimise the relationship between personal and working life.

A fulfilled agent will respond to customers' requests much more calmly, a rested sales advisor will also be more effective in his call campaigns. To satisfy this need the XiVO CC solution is available in a web version : agents find their banner directly in their web browser. Easy to set up, advisors will be operational very quickly wherever they are.

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