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We are Gold Partner of Club Decision DSI 2023

Club Décision DSI

Wisper and the Club Décision DSI is a long story. We are happy to be a Gold partner for this 2023 edition. The Club has renewed its confidence in us and we are delighted.

Partners since 2010 at the time of Avencall (bought three years ago by the Wisper Group) we have since maintained a relationship of trust and loyalty with the members and organizers of the Club. During all these years, we have forged strong relationships with members, created ambitious projects, converted many prospects into loyal customers. We support Club members in their IP telephony, call center and hybrid cloud workstation management projects.


We will be present and active at the following events:

  • Thursday, June 15, 2023 at the DSI Consortium
  • Thursday, September 21, 2023 at the Technological Innovation Meetings
  • Thursday, November 23, 2023 at the DSI Meeting and Gala Dinner


About Wisper

European and independent publisher of sovereign solutions, Wisper is a key player of the digital transition. It reinvents the digital workspace and unified communications by offering new solutions for an enhanced customer experience.

Wisper publishes and integrates two solutions:

ceBox is a workstation virtualization solution that mainly responds to the issues of security, mobility and cost control encountered by our main customers, contact centers and education.

XiVO, open source solution leading on the Unified Communication / IP Telephony (calls, videoconferencing, screen sharing, etc.) markets, XiVO also includes a module for call centers.

The Club Decision DSI, an essential circle in our sector

The Club Decision DSI is the largest French organization of IT decision-makers. An independent and private network of 1,500 IT decision-makers, CIOs/DSIs and RSIs, including 13 DSI Ambassadors from their sectors of activity, a President and a Vice-President. Each year, the DSI Decision Club identifies 40 innovative companies in order to present them to Club members. The Club brings together experienced men and women, driven by the desire to carry out actions that support other Information Systems Directors in the realization of their professional projects.

Club Décision DSI


Client members

Club Décision DSI

We look forward to meeting the members and partners of the Club to share moments of conviviality and professional exchanges. During the various events you will be able to meet Thomas BernigaudSales Director Philippe ChanalSales Manager at Wisper.


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