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Our 5 tips to work from home with a secured IT equipment

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Teleworking and hybrid work are now an integral part of most companies. Improving employee satisfaction, boosting flexibility, reducing costs and many other advantages are brought by these new ways of working. However, caution has to remain, as telecommuting also brings its share of risks in terms of computer security.

The risks of working from home 

Working from home can quickly give way to cyber-attack risks. It is therefore essential to take a look at them in order to ensure perfect security! Cybercriminals take advantage of the lack of security when you work from home to make their activities flourish, like ransomwares or phishing. These attacks can then have a big impact on your business. The most obvious is the financial impact.. By no longer having access to certain tools and data, you may be blocked in your work. Depending on the length of the incident, the financial deficit can be more or less important. Beyond the wallet, your company’s image also takes impacted. Loss of confidential data, for example, can drastically diminish the trust your partners and customers have for your organization.

But do not stress too much, there are several measures to limit the risks. We reassure you that working from home safely is indeed possible!

#1 Tip : Use a professional antiviral solution

Forget about free versions of Avast or Norton. Boosting the equipment for your station with a professional antivirus is the basic step for its security. Should it still be used wisely. It is essential toalways update your antivirus to guarantee its performance. We also advise you to completely scan your device regularly, to detect malware as quickly as possible.


#2 Tip: Use a VPN when working from home

With the advent of teleworking, employees are forced to use a remote network, which can amplify the risk of cyber attacks. The use of a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is therefore highly recommended to work safely. This virtual network allows you to benefit from a secure connection, encrypting and hiding your data. It therefore makes your information less accessible and limits the risk of cyber attacks. The VPN is therefore essential to secure your equipment while being at home.

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#3 Tip : Prefer private Wi-Fi networks

The essential tip to use your computer safely is to use a network with private and safe Wi-Fi. Simply because the connection to a public wifi network leaves many doors open to people or malware. It is therefore more prudent to use a private network with a complex password and encrypted, to navigate the web in peace. To a lesser extent, the use of connection sharing is also to be preferred when travelling in front of the public wifi network. You still need a very robust password and limit access to your share for optimal security.


#4 Tip: Save your data

It’s basic advice in terms of IT security, but it’s essential to backup your data regularly. A secure backup allows you to preserve your data from cybercriminal intentions. It can also be done in different ways: directly on your computer, on your company’s servers, on the cloud, etc.


#5 Tip : Finally don't forget to complete proposed updates

Updates are not there just to look pretty, they play a crucial role in the use of software and operating system. Not doing them would be like taking out the red carpet to make room for cybercriminals. We strongly recommend that you make the necessary updates in due course.


You can work from home safely. Knowing the risks involved is enough to better protect yourself.

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