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Top desktop virtualization solutions for 2023

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Looking to virtualize your workstations? Discover our list of the best software on the market. 

As a reminder, desktop virtualization allows you to work on virtual desktops from any desktop, laptop etc. This solution is suitable for private companies, communities, educational institutions or any other type of organization.

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This can be simplified by usingEndpoint Management Systems, which provide centralized management, updates and workstation security.


ceBox – The simple and secure desktop virtualization solution


It was in 2016 that Neocoretech became Wisper, a desktop virtualization solution editor. The ceBox software is used to help IT departments manage employees' workstations more efficiently

ceBox is a PC virtualization solution without server infrastructure that works on all types of computers and workstations.

By using ceBox, companies can also save time and money in managing their IT assets.

the benefits of ceBox include a secure and durable solution, without lowering performances. It is also possible to update the entire computer fleet simultaneously.

Also, ceBox allows you to achieve savings of at least 40% on the management and maintenance of computer parks. The ceBox solution has its own OS:  ceBox OS which allows the provision of a virtualized environment with Windows and Linux operating systems (or embedded applications).


VMware Horizon – The American solution


The VMWare Horizon solution, formerly called Horizon View, is a virtualization software that was developed by VMware, Inc, a company from the Golden State founded in 1998.

Despite its notoriety among connoisseurs and advantages such as ease of management for IT administrators, we note that tool configuration can be complex for organizations that do not have an expertise in desktop virtualization. 


Futhermore, the VMware Horizon solution can be costly, especially for small/medium sized organizations.


Citrix DaaS and Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktops: Citrix Virtualization Solutions


Citrix DaaS and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops are part of the solutions proposed by Citrix. It is still an American company, but this time from Texas and the headquarters in Florida.

Citrix DaaS offers a cloud that provides virtual workstations hosted in it.

Although Citrix has a great reputation, it is important to note that the configuration of the tool can be complex with very high setup costs

It can also be difficult to choose the right software solution between Citrix DaaS, Citrix Workspace App and Citrix Endpoint Management.


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Azure Virtual Desktop – The Microsoft solution for virtualization




Azure Virtual Desktop (previously called "Windows Virtual Desktop") is the solution from the well-known Microsoft firm.

It provides remote access to apps and workstations hosted in the Microsoft Cloud “Azure”.

This solution is fully integrated into the Windows (Windows 365) ecosystem.

With a speech focused on security and flexibility (even if we note problems related to the Cloud Act), Azure Virtual Desktop and more generally Windows 365 Business Premium has a quite high license cost starting from 18.60 euros per month per user. This solution is not ideal for companies that want to have more independence from the Windows environment. 


Amazon WorkSpaces – The Amazon solution for virtualization


Amazon also offers its virtualization solution, Amazon WorkSpaces. This solution provides the ability to provide virtual workstations to employees from the AWS Cloud.


Apart from the heavy dependence on the Amazon network, we note that the Amazon WorkSpaces solution is relatively new to the market and may lack maturity. This newness can play on the number of features offered by Amazon against certain competing solutions.

Now you have all the cards in hand to make your choice among ceBox by Wisper, Amazon, Citrix, Azure and VMware. 

There are many differences between the above-mentioned solutions in terms of security, software type, pricing, installation complexity, provenance and history.


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