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The perks of a Digital Workspace

digital workspace

A Digital Workspace is defined as an integrated tool that centralizes the company’s management of apps, data, and activity. It allows employees to collaborate remotely in an optimal way. It provides users with a self-service, off-the-shelf experience that fits all devices, locations, and device ownership models. The digital workspace creates a 100% digital working environment. Also called virtual workspaces, workspaces bring together all of a user’s resources, such as operating systems (OS), files and applications, in one place and are centrally managed by a console.

Why choosing a Digital Workspace?

Designed to provide a unified and secure experience for administrators and end users, the digital workspaces Designed to provide a unified and secure experience for administrators and users, digital workspaces simplify and centralize the overall management of tools, applications, and devices. They also provide secure remote access to the end user, as data is protected in the data center, the cloud or on the devices themselves.

In addition, the raw power of the virtual machines used matter less with the use of a workspace, which makes the user experience more uniform. The digital workspace platform helps IT teams provide options such as Single Sign On (SSO) for authentication of identity and secure file sharing across enterprise devices.

La solution made in Wisper : ceBox Workspace


Wisper anticipated these needs and decided to offer THE complete solution: an efficient, flexible, economic, and reliable workspace.

Innovante, elle combine la souplesse et la sécurité du cloud avec l’agilité et la polyvalence d’un PC. La solution ceBox Workspace intègre la management of work environments IT parks, security issues,  (Ransomware, PCA/PRA, VPN) et de la mobilityThanks to the many needs that ceBox Workspace can meet, companies can control their costs with a single solution. ceBox Workspace allows you to deploy and/or update hundreds and thousands of PCs on different sites. An OS management solution without server infrastructure, it allows companies to achieve significant savings. Available on both PCs and laptops, the solution adapts to all working modes thanks to its centralization of data and applications. ceBox Workspace is more user-oriented with the management of various applications and virtual environments.

The advantages of a workspace like ceBox


  • Mobility -ceBox Workspace allows employees to work anywhere, anytime, with either a PC or a laptop. The solution fits perfectly the format of remote work, a mode of work that cannot be overlooked these days.


  • Security - – La solution est aussi équipée d’un VPN natif qui renforce la sécurité.

From a central console, you manage not only updates, but also OS including applications, the shutdown of stations, as well as the startup of stations. So you have visibility on your entire computer fleet even if they are spread around the world. With the read-only mode, no data is stored locally. The PC is as it was fresh out the box at every use. And in case of problems (a disaster, a breakdown, a cyberattack) a business continuity planning, as well as a disaster recovery plan (DRP) are in place so as not to lose anything of your work and resume soon. ceBox also includes multi-factor identification to ensure the identity of connected employees.


  • Better Customer Service - ceBox Workspace integrates usage-friendly technologies and data analytics. These two advantages, in addition to facilitating the work of support, can enhance the level of customer service offered. The solution allows the monitoring of the disk space of stations, network flows, processor use, etc. It is also possible to monitor a station, or even have a complete view of the entire ceBox workstation fleet. Thus, if some stations are shut down during an abnormal period, it is possible to react quickly.


  • Cost reduction - The solution balances between cloud and server via hybrid cloud technology. Say goodbye to data centers and other energy-intensive servers: ceBox Workspace requires only a central web console. The solution is also equipped with a native VPN that enhances security and avoids an additional expensive subscription. In short, the installation, management and maintenance of the fleet pay off 40% of the bill.


  • Green Solution - ceBox Workspace helps reduce its environmental impact by freeing itself from servers with its hybrid cloud model. Because the solution allows you to use your own device, the solution allows you not to equip yourself with more hardware. In addition, monitoring and remote handling of ceBox help drastically reduce on-site travel.
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