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ceBox Workspace : Key Player in digital sobriety

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The 6th of November, the government presented its digital sobriety plan. This plan concerns all business sectors and public administration. The expected result is a 10% decrease in energy consomption compared to 2019 : this result is expected to be achieved by 2023.
The digital sector is in no way exempt from this directive, at the end of July the Minister of Digital Transition and Telecommunications, called on the entire ecosystem to respond to it.

According to the white paper published by ADEME in 2015, the average electricity consumption of computer parks of service companies, administrations and communities represents 24.7% of their total consumption.

ceBox and Digital Sobriety

For all sectors of activity, and more particularly for the tertiary sector, the management of computer equipment is a significant expenditure item. From purchasing to scrapping, companies must anticipate and manage as best they can the related expenses, particularly in terms of energy consumption. The electricity consumed by computer equipment varies a lot and can represent a significant share ranging from 2% to 58% of the overall energy consumption. In order to face these growing financial challenges and in light of the current crisis, ceBox Workspace marketed by Wisper allows companies to address these growing issues. Indeed, the management of workstations through application virtualization will allow companies to achieve quick and quantifiable savings in the short term.


Organisations are now paying close attention to the various expenditure items where savings are possible and energy bills naturally come to the heart of their concerns.

Savings can be quantified after the working day. In fact, from a practical and rapid point of view, it is very common for an employee not to turn off his computer at the end of his working day.


Companies that have chosen the solution ceBox workspace will now efficiently control their electricity consumption by controlling all of their workstations; how does this actually work?

ceBox Workspace allows companies to schedule a time slot in order toshut off automatically an entire computer park in order to reduce the energy consumption which can be unnecessary and costly for organizations.

To finish on ceBox Workspace

Concretely, on a basis of 200 stations running 24/7 over 365 days, what is the actual electricity bill?

The bill can be around €35,000 per year (or €175 per machine), an exorbitant investment and excessive electricity consumption.


With ceBox Workspace, you will consume up to 3 times less. Indeed, following the programming of all your workstations, as an example for a working day from 9am to 4pm, your electricity bill for 200 workstations will cost you only 9,200 € per year, or 46 € annual savings per workstation.


To summarize, ceBox Workspace will have a positive impact on your electricity bill and your carbon footprint.

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