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ceBox Workspace : new version !

ceBox Workspace, the hybrid cloud managed PC


ceBox Workspace is a managed PC as a hybride cloud. Innovative, it combines the flexibility and security of the cloud with the agility and versatility of a PC. The ceBox solution integrates the management of working environments, IT parks, security issues (Ransomware, PCA/PRA) and mobility. Thanks to the many needs that ceBox can meet, companies can control their costs with a single solution.

ceBox Workspace allows you to deploy and/or update hundreds and thousands of PCs in multi-site. As an OS management solution without server infrastructure, it allows companies to achieve significant cost savings. Available on both PC and laptops, the solution adapts to all working modes thanks to its centralization of data and applications. ceBox Workspace is set as user-oriented with its management of various applications and virtual environments.


ceBox Workspace peut intégrer une multitude d'applications tiers
All the apps that can be integrated through ceBox Workspace.


What are the benefits of ceBox Workspace?


A centralized managed PC 🌐

The new Workspace version optimizes the management of your IT assets with centralized management of workstations without server, and without impact on network links. With a simple web console, you can take control of your entire work environment.


A multi-device solution 🖥💻

Workspace breaks the hardware barrier and presents itself as a multi-device solution, in fact it is compatible with PCs, and laptops. The solution is deployable on dedicated environments, as well as on non-dedicated environments (in overlay mode or Windows underlayment) which makes it an effective alternative for the use of a personal device (Bring Your Own Device).


More mobility and remote work 📡

ceBox Workspace allows you to access your work environment wherever and whenever you want, in the office or from homeIt also allows you to work from home safely. Mobility also gives you business continuity and more flexibility.


Easy and simplified deployment ✅

Due to the absence of complex infrastructure to install the ceBox Workspace solution is less unwieldy and more economical. Say goodbye to energy-intensive datacenters and servers: all you need is a central web console. Deployment will then be facilitated and simplified.


A secure solution 🔒

ceBox Workspace is a secure nomad work environment solution. Indeed, each ecosystem benefits from a BCP allowing a reboot in a few clicks at any time and therefore to return to the initial state of the machine or simply to return to an earlier status. On top of that, data encryption is ensured with ceBox Workspace, making it a perfect tool to establish a secure virtual bridge between on-site employees and remote workers.


More savings thanks to ceBox,   a 5 in 1 solution  


ceBox Workspace c’est tout d’abord une an operating system environment(OS) solution that will consolidate all your tools so that you do not lose your good habits. No more wasting time installing apps and patches individually on each of your machines! The solution will save you time and thus money by replacing several tools.

The solution is also equipped with a native VPN that enhances security and will save you an additional expensive subscription. In case of virus infection, a patch applies to the entire computer park in one click: it is as simple as that the management of computer park with ceBox Workspace. No need to physically travel to notice problems, install updates…

In addition, ceBox Workspace is a mobility solution because of its flexibility and its hybrid use of the cloud, indeed the solution adapts to (almost) all machines, all without server infrastructures having to run h24. In short, the installation, management and maintenance of the fleet pay off 40% of the bill.



What are the benefits of hybrid cloud ? 


We offer to exit this «100 % centralized» system with a hybrid managed work environment so as not to constrain the customer if the cloud fails. ceBox Workspace defines itself as a perfect combination of On-Premise and Cloud: this is what Wisper’s hybrid cloud is about.

The power of the hybrid cloud also provides the means to work with data in depth, through processes and solutions based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. Finally, the hybrid cloud makes it possible to be more agile in storing this data.

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