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Virtualisation: 5 ways to improve your workstation management

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The local workstation virtualisation consists of running virtual environments on local equipment, without the need to access applications on remote servers. The implementation of this technology allows for the centralized management of an entire IT infrastructure.


1. Cost reduction

Virtualization is a technological way to reduce your company's expenses, and allow it to survive and remain competitive in the long term, but how?

  • Reducing energy costs the reduction in the number of servers, and the ON/OFF programming of workstations, leads to a reduction in the electricity bill of at least 45% of the deployment costs.
  • Reduced hardware costs: : by reducing the number of servers in the IT pool , the company can now optimise its available physical space.
  • Reduced maintenance costs: workstation virtualisation facilitates maintenance operations, which reduces the administrator's workload. The administrator's time can then be devoted to higher value-added operations.


2. Centralized update management of workstations

In addition, the virtualisation makes it easier to upgrade operating systems and applications. Updates can be automated and distributed in few secondes only on multiple servers and remote workstations. Updates can also be controlled at a user group level, allowing IT administrators to maintain control over the updates and processes in place.


3. Securing workstations

Virtualisation is a major ally in ensuring the security of workstations. Thanks to the centralised management of all OSs and applications, the IT infrastructure is now homogeneous and independent of desktop models. Security patches and updates are deployed more quickly, allowing the administrator to react more quickly in the event of malware.


4. Centralized management

Virtualisation allows the creation of virtual environments where applications are managed from a central consoleAll applications and virtualised environments are centralised, making it easier to manage, monitor and control workstations.Centralized management brings flexibility, security, cost reduction andsimplified maintenance.


5. Security

Monitoring and reporting tools can be used to monitor workstation performance and verify configurations. These tools can help measure application performance, monitor resource usage, verify data integrity and monitor the security computer systems. Monitoring tools can also provide reports on system performance and alerts if a problem is detected.

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