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Relocation / creation of new site a new office

Today, companies are regularly required to move to be closer to their customers, their employees, or simply to increase their capacity. During a move, the IT department is very much in demand, throughout the entire project.

Transferring one's IT assets is a delicate operation that requires long and complex preparation by the CIO. To carry out this mission successfully, several stages must be taken into account, such as inventory, transport, reinstallation of equipment, time, cost, etc.

We will see in detail the context of a relocation, the problems for the IT department and finally how ceBox facilitates the move of workstations. ceBox facilite le déménagement des postes de travail.

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The issues

In the context of a relocation, ceBox allows to simplify and automate the deployment of workstations on a new site. The person in charge of the workstation can manage the project without having to travel.

Depuis une console centrale, il prépare son ou ses masters, et les affecte aux utilisateurs. ceBox permet de distribuer les images Corporate à distance et sur 100 % des postes, sans sur-sollicitation du réseau.

Preparation of the OS and software

The workstation administrator prepares the operating system (Windows 10, Linux OS, etc.) before the project to create the new site or move. He installs and sets up the users' applications. He may also prepare the network configuration and the anti-virus. Normally, this is only a check, since if the administrator has to deploy the same image as on the company's current workstations, it is already ready and up to date.

Deployment of Intel NUCs

The IT team has to deploy the Intel NUC workstations supplied by Wisper on the company's new site(s). This involves connecting the power supply to the workstations as well as their peripherals (mouse, keyboard, screen, printer, etc.). Once started, the workstations can be managed remotely from the ceBox centralised management console.

Deployment of the image on the new site(s)

The administrator of the workstations can finalise the deployment remotely. From the ceBox centralised management console, simply "route" the prepared image to the workstations in the new site(s) and click on "Routing". The workstations can then start up on the image and the users can instantly start working. Indeed, it is not necessary for the entire image (which can be several gigabytes in size) to be synchronised for the ceBox workstations to be operational.

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