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Business Continuity and recovery plan

Feedback from recent major crises shows that organisations that have taken steps to ensure business continuity are the most resilient to destabilising events. 

Without the implementation of a DRP or a BCP, you risk the partial or total loss of key IT resources leading to a disruption of service with serious consequences: a disruption of your business for an undetermined period of time; a financial loss related to unrealised sales or penalties for contractual non-compliance; a damage to your image with investors and customers. With ceBoxceBox, as part of your BCP / DRP, it only takes a few clicks to reassign your work environments to users.

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Some good reasons to undertake a business continuity approach 

1. Deployment of ceBox® stations at the backup site

Following a major incident on the main site, the IT department decides to deploy ceBox® workstations on a backup site. The IT department has to deploy the ceBox® workstations on the fallback site, connect power supplies, peripherals and network cables. All that is needed is to start them all up.

2. Deployment of OS and Applications on workstations

From the ceBox® centralised management console, the IT department can remotely deploy the different OS and applications on the different workstations of the backup site. The workstations will have the latest versions of Windows and software, thus avoiding potential security breaches. The IT department can control the deployment entirely remotely.

3. Business recovery

The users can take possession of their temporary workspace, they are back in their usual environment and work on the same workstations as those of the main site that suffered the incident. The IT department can manage potential problems remotely via the ceBox® centralised management console. For example, it can modify the image deployed on the workstations (if errors were made in the emergency) and assist the users thanks to the native remote control of the ceBox® solution.

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