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Manage the renewal of its workstations

IT departments are used to renewing all or part of their IT assets. Renewing workstations is one of the most time-consuming and recurring projects, since each workstation is renewed every 3-5 years, either as it comes in or in installments.

Let's take a closer look at how to better manage this phase in a company.

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Contexts and issues of IT renewal

Evolving OS versions, such as Windows 11, require ever more power and flexibility for the machines.

Beyond user needs, CIOs are confronted with security requirements, standards and integration policies within the company.

Renew your workstations with peace of mind with ceBox !

In financial terms
The ceBox solution allows to renew workstations in a transparent way. Proposed in the form of a subscription, the ceBox solution does not strain the company's investment capacity.

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Renew your workstations with peace of mind with ceBox !

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1. Preparation of the OS and Applications

The workstation administrator prepares the software part of the project in advance. He prepares the operating system (Windows 11, Linux OS, etc). He installs and sets up the users' software.
It can also prepare the network configuration and anti-virus.

Deployment of Intel NUCs (pre-configured fleet option)

Wisper delivers the Intel NUC boxes pre-configured with the ceBox OS directly to the site.
All that remains is to deploy the boxes in the desired locations and connect the various peripherals (mouse, keyboard, printer, monitor) as well as a network cable.

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2. Deployment of the image

Even if the deployed workstations are at a remote site, the administrator can complete the deployment remotely.
Depuis la console d’administration ceBox, il suffit de « router » l’image préalablement préparée vers les postes déployés. Les postes peuvent alors démarrer sur l’image souhaitée.

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The renewal is over!

In just a few minutes the deployment of the new workstations is completed.

Switch to ceBox now.

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