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Managine the scalability of the information system

Users' uses evolve, as do the tools, and the information system and the CIO must evolve with them to optimise the administration of workstations, ensure the security of the company's data and at the same time control investments.

How could the CIO better manage the scalability of the IS and thus better satisfy its users, thanks in particular to the ceBox solution?

Teleworking, applications, and the amount of data passing through browsing/communication tools have changed usage and led to structural changes in companies.

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The issues

The solution also makesthe most of PC solutions. The users' virtual machines are executed locally, as close to them as possible. Therefore, it is not virtual resources that are used to run the users' software, but physical resources (CPU, RAM, GPU, etc).

Update of the Master, installation of the new tool

Once the CIO has validated the availability of the new tool, the workstation administrator can update the Master (master image deployed on the workstations). The administrator will therefore create a new version (differential) with the new tool that the users have requested. The tool is installed as on a regular PC and therefore takes very little time.

Testing the new tool

In order not to impact production, the CIO may decide to test the new version of the Master containing the new tool on a small sample of users. The aim is to ensure that there are no side effects. This step makes it possible to respect the ITIL recommendations (The Information Technology Infrastructure Library) and does not take much time.

Deployment of the new version

Once the update is validated, the workstation administrator can finalise the deployment of the new Master version to all workstations. He can choose on which workstations the update should be deployed. He can do it remotely on remote sites. In the event of a problem, the administrator can go back very quickly. A simple restart of the workstations allows to start again on the old version.

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