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Managing a merger-acquisiton with ceBox

In 2021, the M&A market had an exceptional year in both volume and value. The number of announced deals exceeded 62,000 globally in 2021, a historic 24% increase over 2020 (source Next-Finance). The trend has continued since then and we are seeing more and more mergers and acquisitions in France and abroad.

In this context, the IT department must take over the management of the acquired company's IT assets, particularly its workstations. Let's see in detail how the IT department could better manage these operations.

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The issues


  1. Carry out a detailed audit of the information system.
  2. Mapping the infrastructure, networks, security, applications and software.

Manage a merger and acquisition with ceBox

The ceBox solution makes it easy to manage M&A transactions.

The administrator assigns the corporate master(s) to the users of the daughter company in a few clicks. After qualification of the equipment taken over, this box can be deployed very simply by adjusting the park and the sites on the administration console. If you choose to change the equipment with Wisper, we will deliver the intel NUC boxes to all the sites. After the electrical connection, the workstations automatically start up on the corporate image of the parent company. The workstations are homogeneous, as are the OS and software versions. Updates are managed centrally for the entire fleet, ensuring the same level of performance and security.

Manage a merger and acquisition with ceBox

Preparation of the OS and Applications

The workstation administrator prepares the operating system (Windows 10, Linux OS, etc.) in advance of the M&A project. The system administrator installs and sets up the users' software. The administrator can also prepare the network configuration and the anti-virus. Normally, this is only a verification since if the administrator has to deploy the same image as on the current workstations of the company, it is already ready and up to date.

Deployment of Intel NUCs

The IT team has to deploy the Intel NUC workstations supplied by Wisper on the company's new site(s). This involves connecting the power supply to the workstations as well as their peripherals (mouse, keyboard, screen, printer, etc.). Once started, the workstations can be managed remotely from the ceBox centralised management console.

Deployment of the corporate image

Even if the deployed workstations are on a remote site, the administrator can finalise the deployment remotely. From the ceBox® administration console, all that is required is to "route" the previously prepared image to the deployed workstations. The workstations can then boot on the Corporate image of the company.

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