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Boost the accessibility of your computer parks with ceBox

Ease remote handling of your devices in one click!

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Increase the productivity of your teams today

Every day our customers find new good reasons to use ceBox, and you?

With ceBox, take back the control !

Our solution allows you to perform tasks remotely without needing any physical access to your employees' devices. 

Make it easy to maintain your fleet with a complete and easy solution.

As a CIO, technician or IT manager, discover all the advantages of ceBox today.


Décuplez vos performances grâce à la télé-assistance


A more stable environment

ceBox provides stability by allowing technicians to solve problems faster

A more robust computer fleet

More control also means a more robust and responsive environment in case of damage


An easier to use interface

ceBox , it’s also a simpler environment for managing your IT fleet

more secure access

Boost the security and responsiveness of your IT support with ceBox to protect even better your employees

With ceBox, optimize the safety of your data

Computer attacks are increasing in number and importance. With ceBox and remote handling, reduce the impact of attacks.

When an employee needs help, ceBox allows you to intervene quickly, flexibly and securely on a workstation.

As a CIO, technician or IT manager, discover all the advantages of ceBox today.


Switch to ceBox now.

Convinced ? It's time to satisfy your customers, your employees, your CFO and your CEO!

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