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Simplicity and flexibility for managing your training rooms with ceBox

Optimize the performance of your IT resources for your students and instructors.

Industrialize the daily tasks of managing your PC fleets in a few clicks: training environments that are up to date, secure, efficient, and always available. 

Our solution, your training room: the tailor-made response adapted to your needs

Nos clients l’ont adopté, ceBox offre plus de simplicité, plus de robustesse et plus de sécurité.

And you, what are you waiting for?

Offer more accessibility and flexibility to students and trainers

Improved user experience by providing personalized, high-performance virtual training environments adapted to needs.

For the IT department, a tool for a centralized management tool for controlling the entire fleet from a single administration console : Optimization of PC resources in place by industrializing and securing global management 

  • Ability to migrate new OS (Windows 10 to 11)
  • MFA, Native VPN & Read Only Mode (a new PC every morning)
  • Deployment of a patch of security in less than 3 seconds. 
  • 80% energy savings with PC settings (on/off programming).
  • Hardware and virtual TPM token (Ex: IMac and hardware without physical TPM) 

Our partners

ceBox optimizes your resources: your teams perform better!

cebox environnement souple et contrôlé

A flexible and controlled environment

ceBox makes it easy to migrate from one environment to another. Switching from Windows to Linux has never been easier! 

formation autonome parc agile ordinateurs centre de formation

A more autonomous and more agile PC fleet

Give your students the possibility to use USB keys and your training environments in complete safety with ceBox .

mise à jour a distance

Save maintenance time

Say goodbye to the long hours of manually deploying updates to workstations in a training room with ceBox.

centre de formation accès à distance virtualisation

A simple and efficient handling

Simplify the daily management of your technicians, and offer your trainers and students an easy-to-use and robust solution.

For your project: full support from the Wisper teams

Our experts support you and provide you with tailor-made follow-up throughout your project. 

The IT department at the controls: because your resources are precious, equip your Training Center with a simple and efficient management solution, and offer an unequaled quality of service to your trainers and students.

support solution virtualisation

Switch to ceBox now.

Convinced ? It's time to satisfy your customers, your employees, your CFO and your CEO!

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