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ceBox , a simple solution without any constraints

The power of a PC, the intelligence of centralised management solutions and VDI, without the constraints of each.

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What is ceBox ?

ceBox is a solution for the management, control and maintenance of computer parks, allowing thousands of workstations to be deployed in a minimum of time without a server infrastructure.Originally, ceBox was created to run on Intel NUC for reasons of performance and low energy consumption. Now, our product can be integrated seamlessly into your existing equipmentThe operating system can be installed on all the workstations of your park according to the hardware requirements.

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Powerful, secure PCs with no performance degradation over time.

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Centralised management of workstations without servers or impact on network links

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Simplified upgrades for your fleet, regardless of its size or geographical location


An optimisation of your TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) with a minimum of 40% on the installation, management and maintenance of your IT equipment

Join the adventure ceBox !

Optimize the performance of your IT resources for your students and instructors.

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Increase the productivity of your teams with a management tool for your computer fleet.


Aim for operational excellence on the IT side!

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If there is a major challenge, it is the IT tool, its constant adaptation, its security and its durability. Wisper has developed expertise over the past 15 years with the most demanding clients. Wisper has the Truxt label.

CIO appreciate ...

Local performance and execution

Simplicity is one of the four pillars of development of our solutions. Our solution does not require any server infrastructure to run your VMs (virtual machines).

Local performance and execution

Your workstations always have the latest versions of their applications. VMs run locally.

Security -

The Wisper solution includes a native VPN system. In the event of a virus infection, the patch is applied to the entire fleet in one click. Reverting to a previous version is also recommended.

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CIOs, discover the (good) reasons to switch to ceBox.

Discover, try, adopt!

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Companies benefit from...
Savings and visibility

ceBox allows you to save at least 40% on the budget dedicated to the installation, management and maintenance of your IT equipment. The SaaS model allows you to preserve your cash flow and to keep your investment capacity.


High-performance, high-availability workstations for your employees, centralised management resulting in a 60% reduction in maintenance time.

CSR commitments

The ceBox features will contribute to your energy saving policy: less carbon travel, intelligent features to set the parameters of the stations as close as possible to your uses.

Users benefit from...

New PC every day

With read-only mode, no data is stored locally. The PC is like new every morning.

Optimised remote working and mobility

ceBox allows any user to use a prepared and secure environment: on site or at home.

Powerful machines

With ceBox, you can request access to even more performance: for example, virtualisation of a dedicated graphics card for your most demanding work.

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1 console, your fleet, its specificities.

Ask for more from ceBox! More simplicity, more power, more safety!
A ROI that allows you to save €1 million for a fleet of 1,000 workstations over 5 years.

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With the ceBox solution, you can manage your updates centrally and on 100% of your workstations. Furthermore, the Versioning feature of the solution allows you to set all your workstations and start on the image you have prepared (OS + Application). Each time an image (also called Master) is updated, a differential is created which generates a new version. You can define a Tag for each version of your images.

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Here is a concrete example: you have an image that is deployed on all your computers. You edit it to update a software, which creates a new version. You put this new version on a few workstations in order to test it. Once the version is validated, all you have to do is set the "Stable" tag.

All the workstations on which you have defined this image will start on this new version the next time they start.

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Discover all the advantages of our IT asset management solution for private or public companies

Wisper's ceBox allows you to manage all of your company's workstations in just a few clicks, and to keep an eye on your IT assets in real time.

Why adopt a workstation management solution for a company?

IT departments can quickly become overwhelmed with managing their employees' desktops. That's why most private and public organisations are opting for desktop virtualisation technology.

This allows, among other things, the centralized management of workstations from a single computer. Virtualisation in the enterprise also saves time and money in running the IT estate.

Why choose our ceBox workstations management solution?

Today, there are many solutions available to manage your computer fleet. However, ceBox has significant advantages when choosing your solution for managing your company's PC fleet.

Firstly, our solution integrates seamlessly into your existing machine base, without any hardware modifications. Virtual machines (VMs) can run on almost any current computer.

Also, ceBox works without a physical server, which does not impact your infrastructure and network equipment.

What benefits do users enjoy with our ceBox IT asset management solution?

The users of your physical machines will have an operating system with the latest updates at their disposal, on a daily basis. The advantage of our solution in terms of workstation management is not negligible, as it allows users to benefit from powerful virtual machines and always adapted to their needs.

This way, your IT resources are always used in the right way and you limit your technical incidents.

Switch to ceBox now.

Convinced ? It's time to satisfy your customers, your employees, your CFO and your CEO!

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